Episode 138: Why Sprouted Flour is Better Than Regular Flour

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I have found that most people’s bodies struggle to digest grains. Yet these same bodies flourish with grains that have been sprouted or are made with a sourdough culture. Check out today's podcast to learn how to make delicious baked goods with sprouted flour.

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Why Sprouted Flour is Better Than Regular Flour

Sprouted flour is made by intentionally soaking and germinating grains and then drying them at specific temperatures and milling them into flour.

While I mostly make bread from my sourdough culture (this also unlocks the nutrients), I make almost all my cookies, muffins, and desserts from sprouted flour. I've done this for two decades. I used to make my own sprouted flour, which took more work, but times have changed and now you can buy sprouted flour at health food stores and many regular grocery stores carry it too. . .

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