Episode 41: Controlling Your Cholesterol with Probiotics

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There is so much misinformation about cholesterol. So many don’t understand how cholesterol works in the body, and how good bacteria helps keep your cholesterol in perfect balance. Gain wisdom and understanding about cholesterol and learn how you can keep it in control.

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Cultured Foods for the Cholesterol Conscious

One of my good friends told me her cholesterol had gone up since drinking kefir, and then she said, “That’s my good cholesterol! It went through the roof and my doctor is very pleased.” I got a few emails this week from people expressing to me that since they’ve been consuming kefir and cultured vegetables their blood cholesterol numbers normalized and other problems improved as well. This is not an unusual occurrence. I’ve heard from friends and family and people who email me or post on my Facebook page that cultured foods have helped their cholesterol. Those microbes in our bodies can help us with all manner of problems – and cholesterol is no exception. . .

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