Episode 95: Dairy-Free Kefir

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I have seen many people benefit from kefir, and this includes non-dairy kefir. So many people need a dairy-free version, so we created just about every kind of non-dairy kefir we could think of. We have 16 in all and I want to tell you which ones I like the best and how to make it thick like yogurt!

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Dairy-Free Kefir- Every Kind You Can Imagine

Non-dairy kefir is usually thinner than regular kefir, so it separates into whey and curds since most non-dairy milks have a lot of water in them. Don't worry, this is ok and doesn't mean it's over fermenting. This is just from the water content separating from whatever grains, seeds, or nuts you're using. It's still loaded with tons of probiotics and nutrients. When it separates, just shake it up before you use it. . .

Dairy Free Kefir