Episode 33: Signals From The Microbes in Your Gut

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Your gut bacteria can be one of your strongest allies in being healthy or it can be one of your worst enemies. It can send you signals through your emotions, food cravings, and stomach distress. Find out if your bacteria are out of balance and what you can do about it today!

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Symptoms of an Unbalanced Gut

Sometimes I wonder how I got here. Symptoms of disease struck my life almost two decades ago and it broke me. Those symptoms shook me to my core and I didn't know that my body was desperately trying to get my attention to help me heal. And heal I did. With a grateful heart, I'm here trying with all I know to help you too. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of emails I get. Some emails are of wonderful healings from these foods that healed me, and others are from those who are struggling and looking for hope. . .