Episode 7: 7 Reasons I Have Kefir Every Day

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Lots of people write articles about kefir, but few of those people have drunk and made kefir for 15 years. I am a believer that kefir is not just a food but a healer. Find out 7 ways it can help you too.

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7 Reasons I Have Kefir Every Day

Lots of articles are popping up about reasons you should have kefir, but few of the people writing the articles have actually drunk kefir every day for 14 years. This post is specifically talking about milk kefir and not water kefir. My reasons for drinking kefir are very personal and specific to me. But here is what I’ve noticed through the many years of drinking kefir: whatever your ailment, kefir seems to address the problem on an individual basis. . .

Kefir and Grains