Episode 159: Frequently Asked Questions About Cultured Vegetables

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It's my favorite time of the year - when I have an abundance of fresh vegetables that I can ferment. Fermented vegetables can last nine months stored in the refrigerator. They can provide you with months of your own probiotics that are much stronger than supplements. We get a lot of questions about making cultured vegetables and we have lots of answers to help you. Check out 16 FAQs about cultured veggies and get the recipe for my Salt and Pepper Kraut too!

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Cultured Vegetables FAQs

Cultured vegetables have special powers that go far beyond regular vegetables. I love them and reach for them day after day and in times of special need. They can be powerful food – like medicine – and so I always have several jars in my refrigerator. I encourage you to do this as well; because there will come a time when you will need their help and, like me, you will be so thankful you made some. Then you will be convinced of their special abilities and you won’t have to take my word for it. Everybody knows vegetables are good for you, but cultured veggies go far above regular vegetables. . .

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