Episode 32: Dirt Has Microbes That You Might Need

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Researchers have discovered that dirt is the new Prozac. Billions of microbes in the dirt can keep us healthy and happy. The earth holds health-boosting energy and gives us what is called “electrical nutrition.” Learn more about our dirt on this week’s episode.

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Get Dirty – Get Microbes – Be Happy!

Several years ago I found myself with much to do. With my daughter getting married and a deadline for my new book looming, not to mention the fact that both my husband and I have our own businesses . . . it was intense at our house. I started feeling the pressure and found myself in tears a lot and feeling completely overwhelmed.

After my daughter’s wedding, I set to the task of writing my new book and went to stay on our boat at the lake by myself. Something about water is soothing to me and walking barefoot at the lake calmed that franticness inside of me. It wasn’t too long before I found the words to write flowing out of me like a river. . .

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