Episode 147: Eating Cultured Foods For 20 Years

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Sometimes you have to fight through some bad days to find the best days of your life. As a young woman, I always had a sense of urgency but never knew what it was. When several crises hit I had to change and started looking for answers. The truth is all of us are going through a change. Maybe we're transforming from what we used to be to a higher, better version of ourselves - trying to find our way through all the confusion and bad habits of the past. Changing is just a journey, but you can't continue doing what you always do and transform. Listen to learn what has helped me and most likely can help you too. You're worth the effort!

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Eating Cultured Foods For 20 Years

I have always had a sense of urgency about my life. I never knew why this was, and when I was a young woman with small children my friend said to me, ”What are you striving for? It seems like you're intensely looking for something.” I remember those words quite vividly and I never forgot them. I was 25 years old and I had this feeling that I just couldn’t shake. Something was calling me but what?

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