Episode 64: Coconut and the many ways it’s good for you

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I love, love coconut. I fermented coconut milk, and coconut water, and use the oil in many different ways. Learn more about this incredible food and just how to use it!

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Once a Villain, Coconut Oil Charms the Health Food World With Its Incredible Properties. First of all, coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid. This is a saturated fat that’s found in coconut and in mother’s milk. Because of the medium bonds in this fat, it burns in a completely different way than other fats. Coconut oil is burned in the liver instead of going through the long process of using bile and breaking down into a usable fat. This becomes a fast food source as it can raise metabolism and help thyroid function. I witnessed this many times with my daughter Maci when she would consume coconut oil while she was struggling with IBS. She would suddenly get a burst of energy and I would hear her dancing and exercising in her room when moments before she had been laying around. Coconut oil is burned like a carbohydrate, it will burn first and not last like most fats. . .

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