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Recipe eBooks for this Month

My Cultured Valentine

My Valentine's Day Recipe eBook is back! It's available to all my Biotic Pro Members through the end of February.

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Six Weeks of Wellness

It's a brand new year, so I'm bring back my Six Weeks of Wellness eBook series!
Members get a total of 6 different eBooks. Each week will have recipes designed to help with different ailments. You'll get one ebook per week for the next six weeks starting now. Don't miss out! Here is a schedule of the eBooks and the ailments that these recipes can help with:
  • Week 1 - Cold and Flu Prevention and Recovery
  • Week 2 - Cough & Sore Throats / Sinus Infections
  • Week 3 - FODMAP Recipes for SIBO & IBS / Histamines
  • Week 4 - Stomach Distress / Food Poisoning / Nausea
  • Week 5 - Candida / UTI Relief
  • Week 6 - Heart & High Blood Pressure Help / Anxiety

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