Episode 14: 5 Foods That Can Change Your Life

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These five foods are a must for me. It's how I stay healthy. Check out the five foods that I keep in my diet and the ones that have made the biggest changes in my life. Find out how you can add them to your diet too.

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The Must-Have Food Medicine – in Your Fridge

One day my daughter Holli came running into the room and burst into tears. She cried and said, “Help me! My stomach hurts so bad.” And then she ran to the bathroom and started throwing up. She had spent the night with a friend who had just had the same thing, so I’m pretty sure she picked it up from her. Sickness is pretty rare in my house; but when it does strike, my family thinks it’s the end of the world and I should be able to fix it right NOW! So I did what I normally do by giving her a blanket, a soft pillow, a heating pad for her stomach, and one spoonful of the juice from cultured veggies. . .

Cultured Veggies