Episode 20: How To Keep Your Gut Healthy if You Have To take an Antibiotic

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If you have to take antibiotics we have good news! Let me show you how to keep your healthy bacteria alive and thriving, even when you must take antibiotics. It's really important that you help your good gut flora thrive. This can prevent you from ever needing to take antibiotics again. Your body knows how to keep you well!

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Can I Eat Probiotic Foods While Taking Antibiotics?

I routinely talk about each member of The Trilogy (Kefir, Kombucha, and Cultured Vegetables) and how each member has specific things your body needs to help you change your life. But here is even more good news about this trio. If you have to take antibiotics, The Trilogy can help you survive the collateral damage to the beneficial bacteria that inhabit your gut and speed you back on to the road of wellness. Many people have benefited from taking an antibiotic, and I think they can have their place; but nowadays they are prescribed routinely, which can cause unforeseen damage. . .

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