Episode 102: The Real Reason Your Immune System Needs Cultured Foods

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One of my favorite things that cultured foods do is to boost your immune system. Your gut is responsible for 80 percent of your immune system. The more good bacteria you have, the better your immune system is. Find out how to stay healthy during cold and flu season and keep your immune system strong!

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The Real Reasons Your Immune System Needs Cultured Foods

Flu going around? No problem, cultured foods got you covered.

Viruses, yuck . . . my family used to get them a lot. Colds, flu, you name it, we got it. But so did everybody else I knew. It's normal, right? Well, it's actually not. Every year at Christmas we would go to my mom's in Virginia and somebody would inevitably get sick, and then it would spread down through the family..