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Do you have food allergies? I'll explain the science behind your food allergies and how to heal them. Hear my daughter story of how she healed from food allergies, IBS and digestive disorders. Food allergies shouldn't have to rule your life anymore, there's a better way!

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Healing From Food Allergies

It was early 2002 and my sixteen-year-old daughter climbed out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen. "How do you feel this morning?" I asked. Her response broke me. "I never feel good any more mom. I feel bad all the time. My stomach hurts after everything I eat." What had happened to my daughter that caused her to become allergic to the foods she would eat? What was causing all the pain in her gut? Doctors couldn't help me except to suggest the removal of her gallbladder, hoping this would help. I was in pain because she was in pain, and I was on a mission to help her. . .

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