Episode 139: You Are The One Thing In Life You Can Control

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As 2020 comes to an end, it has been a year of strong emotions and circumstances. I'm surprised to say that I've lived a long time (60 years) and now have some life experience that really serves me in times of uncertainty and when things feel fearful. The world can fall into chaos, but it doesn’t mean I have to. I can adopt ways to help my body and mind to shut out the noise, get focused, and do great things. Check out my podcast to learn more.

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You Are The One Thing In Life You Can Control

I have an arsenal of things I do whenever I feel afraid and I know my imposter self is taking over and filling me with thoughts that don't serve me. I cannot control the outside world but I can control me, including my thoughts, how I act, and how I take care of my body. It's truly the only thing you can control and once you master this, you're free no matter what happens around you. It's taken me years to learn this and believe you me, I still work on it. . .

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