How to Make Yogurt with Lactobacillus Gasseri

The Microbe L. Gasseri

Lactobacillus gasseri (L. gasseri) is a very important microbe that lives in the genital, urinary, and digestive systems of the body. It also has the special ability to live in the upper gastrointestinal area similar to Lactobacillus reuteri (L. reuteri).  L. gasseri is also believed to offer other specific health benefits. It has been helping those with SIBO[1]  and other health benefits include the prevention of bacterial vaginosis [2,3]and peptic ulcers, [4,5]as well as the control of ulcerative colitis,[6] inflammatory bowel disease,[7 ] and irritable bowel syndrome. [8]

There are some studies saying L. gasseri can help prevent body weight gain, fat accumulation, and pro-inflammatory gene expression in the adipose tissue and encourage weight loss, although not all studies have shown the same results.[9]

Natural Antibiotics

L. gasseri produces bacteriocins, which are small proteins that act as natural antibiotics for unhealthy bacteria. There are many different bacteriocins in L. gasseri and they can be effective against harmful species like Enterobacteriaceae E. coli, Salmonellas, Klebsiellas, and Campylobacter that can grow in the small intestine and can cause bacterial overgrowth, SIBO.

I have had extraordinary results from L. Reuteri Superfood Yogurt and we get so many emails from people it has helped. It's been so exciting to see people start to feel better and recently we've been getting emails asking for ways to make L. gasseri yogurt too. I'm excited that we are now able to offer L. Gasseri Superfood Starter. Yogurt is one of the best ways to deliver high-dose CFU counts of L. reuteri and L. gasseri. It's delicious and the body's preferred method of receiving specific species of microbes. Although it's technically a fermented dairy and not a yogurt, it is a spectacular way to get more L. gasseri.

SIBO Yogurt

I've seen some amazing results making L. reuteri yogurt with the same method you would use to make L. gasseri yogurt. It's become a mainstay in my diet and the good thing is you can make this yogurt with L. reuteri if you need some of the health benefits or are just wanting to restore this microbe if you consumed a lot of antibiotics. Check out our Sibo Yogurt recipe below.

According to Dr. Davis' great book Super Gut, this strain can be made into a powerful yogurt that many are making called SIBO yogurt, which uses certain strains of L. reuteri and L. gasseri. You can add another culture called  Bacillus coagulans as well, although L. gasseri and L. reuteri seem to be really effective on their own.

Dr. Davis states in his Super Gut book, “You can also choose to use a specific probiotic yogurt you can make to eradicate SIBO, what I call Super Gut SIBO Yogurt. Our experience with this yogurt is preliminary, but a growing number of people have been reversing high breath H2 levels (testing devices for determining SIBO)  by making this yogurt that includes the microbe Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus reuteri and B. coagulans fermented to high bacterial counts in a special process. L. gasseri is unique in that it takes up residence in the upper GI tract (where SIBO occurs) and produces up to seven bacteriocins (natural antibiotics produced by bacteria, as you will recall). L. gasseri is a virtual bacteriocin powerhouse, producing natural antibiotics effective against many of the species of SIBO. Super Gut SIBO Yogurt can further stack the odds in favor of reversing SIBO and potentially is a nicer, softer, friendlier way to do it. Just recognize that our experience with the results is preliminary. (I am planning a clinical trial to formally document the effects.)”

Excerpt From
Super Gut by Dr. William Davis


L Gasseri Superfood Yogurt

I'm actually learning a lot about this microbe that seems to have a lot of benefits for emotional health too. More preliminary research is suggesting that L. gasseri can help with menopausal symptoms of stress and hot flashes, [10]and even prevention of the H1N1 flu [11] and more. It's exciting to see more and more people reaching for foods to fix their guts that have far-reaching abilities to restore missing microbes and thereby restore health. Check out the recipes and starter culture and let me help you understand the trillions of microbes that live within that offer you extraordinary health benefits!

L. Gasseri Superfood Starter

L. Gasseri Superfood Yogurt

SIBO Yogurt – L. reuteri & L. gasseri

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