There are two ways to make kefir soda, which is a slightly different process than making water kefir. with water kefir crystals. The difference is in the culture you use. Kefir soda can be made using either kefir powder packages (we recommend the one by Cultures for Health) or using kefir whey from milk kefir. Do not use Easy Kefir to make kefir soda. The Easy Kefir culture is different and meant to be used with milk or nut milk. It has too many good bacteria versus the good yeasts that you'll need to make your soda bubbly.

Both methods are fun, easy, bubbly, and delicious. However, they’re not dairy-free. Both methods still use a culture from milk kefir, which has a small amount of dairy in it. If you’re wanting to make a dairy-free drink, you should try making water kefir.

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Kefir Soda Recipes

Apple Ginger Kefir Soda
Apples are rich in quercetin, a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory properties. In a study done in […]
Balsamic Pear Kefir Soda
Cherry Kefir Soda Daiquiri
Any frozen fruit will work with this drink! You can use water kefir or kombucha […]
Cherry Limeade Kefir Soda
Cherries they are powerful medicine and yet no one ever talks about how incredible they […]
Coconut Kefir Mojito Mocktail
Limes, mint, and coconut kefir are a match made in heaven. I don't think I […]
Coconut Water Kefir - Easy Kefir Style
You can culture your first batch and then use a portion of this to make […]
Coconut Water Kefir Saffron Lemonade
Saffron is actually the dried stigma (tiny threadlike strands) of the crocus flower (Crocus sativus). […]
Cucumber Kefir Soda
You make this yummy drink by first making a Cucumber Extract. This drink is so […]
Grape Ginger Kefir Soda
Grape Kefir Soda
Did you know that grapes are actually considered to be a berry? Seventy-two million tons […]
Happy New Year Kefir Soda
This is awesome for Christmas or New Years! The flavors are spiced and just perfect […]
Italian Ice Kefir Soda
So so yummy!
Kefir Christmas Soda
This is my Christmas flavored kefir soda that's super bubbly. The fruit adds extra food […]
Kefir Whey Lemonade Soda
I love this drink for breakfast. It's light and refreshing and perfect for summer or […]
Lemon-Lime Kefir Soda
I came up with this recipe out of necessity. With an over abundance of fruit […]
Orange Julius Kefir Soda
This kefir soda has lots of vitamin C and tons of minerals and is made […]
Pomegranate Kefir Soda
Having pomegranate juice can maintain a good flow of the blood in the body. Pomegranates […]
Strawberry Gingerade Coconut Kefir
This Drink is so delicious you’ll want to drink it every day. It is […]
Strawberry Kefir Soda
This is probably one of my favorite flavors of kefir soda. It’s pretty, too!

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