Sprouted Flour

Sprouted flour is well worth the effort to make or buy. Sprouted flour has a long shelf life — 6 months and you can also freeze it as well. When whole grains are sprouted, they are naturally fermented and made more digestible. Sprouting also increases nutrient absorption in the gut. As the grain sprouts, it turns into a plant which the body recognizes as a vegetable, which are the easiest of foods to digest because they are broken down by vegetable enzymes instead of pancreatic. Sprouted flour requires a dehydrator and wheat grinder. You can find the items I use and recommend in my store. I give you links to the ones I purchased on Amazon.

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  • Place wheat berries in a bowl.
  • Cover them with filtered water for 36 hours. They will get tiny little tails and be a little bubbly.
  • Rinse them in warm water and drain.
  • Place them in a dehydrator at 100 degrees for 8 to 10 hours.
  • Make sure they are crispy and hard. You can ruin your grain mill if your grains are wet.
  • Grind in grain mill for flour.
  • Store flour in sealed container. Will last at least 6 months in your container.