Episode 11: 7 Reasons to Drink Kombucha

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Kombucha is an amazing drink. It has done a lot for me and I love it, especially around the holidays. It's also a wonderful replacement for soda pop! Here are a few reasons I drink it every day.

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Why I Drink Kombucha Every Day

Kombucha is an amazing drink. Sales have grown to be over 600 million dollars, and this was all done strictly by word of mouth. I have watched it grow and I’ve also witnessed the major soda beverage companies start to lose their credibility and hit a 30 year low in sales as people wake up to how much harm drinking large amounts of soda pop can cause. As sales decline on soda pop, and kombucha and other healthier alternatives began to surge, I started seeing articles popping up about kombucha being harmful. . .

Fruit Flavored Kombucha