Episode 45: Live Longer On Yogurt And Kefir

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Find out why having kefir and yogurt has helped people around the globe live longer, and healthier. Learn about yogurts made famous in different parts of the world, and the centenarians who lived long lives consuming kefir.

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Yogurt Versus Kefir – Which Is Better?

So, what is the difference between kefir and yogurt? Which is better? Kefir is far superior, but yogurt has its benefits too. I read once that yogurt is like wine and kefir is more like champagne. It has more pizazz! To state it simply, yogurt felt like the first learning step in my cultured food life. I loved frozen yogurt as a child and my dad took me to the health food store many times to get a scoop of it. It was here that I discovered how cool health food stores were with their unique and healthy foods. . .

Yogurt and Kefir