Episode 68: Does Kefir Help Your Blood Pressure?

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Kefir was the first cultured food I ever tried. The first thing I noticed was how it helped my blood pressure. Research is now finding more evidence of the same. I love kefir and the many things it can do. Listen to learn more!

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Kefir And Your Blood Pressure

In 2001, I was battling hypertension and diabetes. It was then that I started drinking kefir and I noticed an interesting occurrence. It seemed that when I drank a glass of kefir every day my blood pressure would go down; and not just a little, but quite a bit. It would put me in the normal range. When I would stop drinking kefir, my blood pressure would start to creep up after three days. So I started doing experiments on myself to see if it was the kefir. After many, many trial runs I was convinced it was the kefir. I have never been one to just accept without knowing the reasoning behind anything, so I began searching for answers. . .

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