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I believe my second life began when I was 41 years old and I had just given birth to my third child, Holli. I often tell people that she came into the world to get me to change, and boy did she ever! She turned my world upside down and inside out, and now every single aspect of my life has changed because of it. We often resist change and I actually changed to help her, and in turn it changed me in ways I couldn’t fathom. If you would like to know more, please check out my story video below and hear my journey. Fast forward a decade and a half later and here I am helping others learn how to connect to their bodies, their 100 trillion microbes, and mostly their loving hearts that are always guiding them.

This was a journey for me, and will be for you too. It’s all about reconnecting to our bodies and understanding how they’re designed. Then we can harness the power of those 100 trillion microbes that call our bodies home. They were placed in you and all around you for a reason, and they can heal and make you well as long as you feed them, nurture them, and then . . . they will make you shine!!

I’ve been making and eating cultured foods for almost two decades and as I watch probiotic research grow by leaps and bounds, I smile because I know their mighty powers and I’m so glad everybody is catching up to the wisdom they convey. I have lived this cultured food journey and witnessed it help thousands of others. Microbes are invisible but they have made me well and given me a life I could not have imagined, and they can do this for you too. Your body is designed to feel fantastic and I hope I can help you reconnect to this.

I have three best selling books Cultured Food for Life and Cultured Food for Health and my newest book,  Cultured Food in Jar. I also have a weekly podcast show that you can listen to on your favorite channel, and I teach classes across the country. I have been published in magazines and featured on TV and PBS specials. All of this is just a way to use my life as a class to teach you what I have learned, and to help you feel the best you can feel. We are all brothers and sisters who help each other with our special gifts and this is mine. Cultured Food for Life – Learn to Harness the Power of your Microbes is my motto.

Remember – you’re never alone, you have 100 trillion friends and all they really care about is YOU! ~


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  1. How long does this take to see an change in your body once you start. And how many times a day do you drink kefir or kombucha

  2. Where can I get replacement plastic lids for my old glass gallon pickle jars? My old metal lids are getting too rusty to use anymore but the glass jars are just fine.

  3. Donna

    We make many kinds of cultured Veggies. We also make Milk Kefir, Water Kefir and Kombucha.

    The last time I bottled my Water Kefir I found 2 (cute) Scobies. One one top of each Fig in the Gallon Jar. I have spoken to many people. Some are quick to say my Water Kefir is contaminated by the Kombucha. Other say they have had this happen and they don’t make Kombucha. It’s just a colony and Kefir that has been established for a long time can grow one,

    What’s your opinion?

    Thanks so much

  4. Hi Donna, your website is full of great information and has given me hope. I live in The Netherlands but wish I could just be back home where I’m sure I would be able to find all these products much easier. I’ve gone from being a super healthy mom to a very sick one in 3 short months. All because of antibiotics for a bladder infection. I was given the wrong ones apparently. I’ve had many intestinal problems but mostly interstitial cystitis like symptoms that won’t go away. When I read your website it gives me some glimmer that my body could use these cultured products. Have you ever come across other women with similar problems? I’m getting no help here and feel quite desperate. Hoping your experience might shine some light into healing this issue. Love from Holland. Julie

    • Hi Julie, I’ve had the same problem and I’ve seen a lot of healing with fermented foods and the gaps diet. It also helps to cover the entrance of the bladder with kefir after each shower to repopulate the area with Good bacteria. All the best, Layla

  5. Donna,

    My son was diagnosed with tics. Have you done any research to find out if kerif or other femented foods can help can tics or any other neurological disorder. Please help.

    • Many neurological issues including tics have a common denominator which, in many cases, is ammonia. Ammonia is a normal byproduct of protein metabolism, with protein conversion into nitrogen which will then break down into ammonia. Microorganisms also produce nitrogen which convert into ammonia as part of their metabolism. It is the ammonia or, waste products, that often cause the symptomatology characteristic of neuroimmune flare-ups in patients. A quick search on lyme and ammonia, candida and ammonia, or, als and ammonia will depict the aforementioned theorization.

      Clearing ammonia, provided it is the true culprit, will greatly assist in detoxifying the body and thus lessening discomfort. In order for candida to flourish it must have an environment that it finds hospitable. Ammonia has a ph of 11.6 which is basic. The large intestine should range in number between 5.5 and 7, or, slightly acidic. An acidic environment is not hospitable to overgrowth. A great example of this is the use of lactobacillic strains such as DDS-1. They are much more acidic than the bifidobacterium counterparts and may thus go a long way towards eradicating the yeast. While it is important to kill the yeast, it is also critical to change the terrain of the body.

      Provided that the liver and kidneys are in good working order and can breakdown the ammonia into urea to be excreted via the urea cycle, supplementation with the amino acid ornithine can be one of many tools to be used. Arginine is often used as well, but in the morning rather than ornithine being used before retiring.

      Hopefully this has given another angle to consider. Also, I’m sure the author of this blog, who has been so helpful as to create such a wonderful source of information, may be able to share which cultured foods may have the best bacterial composition.

  6. How do you begin this process if you don’t have lots of money ? Need to kinda know where to begin? Thanks

  7. Hi, I am trying to buy your fermenting lids wide mouth, but there’s no “Add to Cart” on the listing, and I can’t find a contact anywhere on your site. Please help.

  8. Oh Miss Donna! I just watched your amazing video and shed a tear or two (of joy). Your story completely moved me and your joy radiated through my screen! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and for this amazing resource. I am just starting my cultured foods journey (I too got my milk and kefir grains from Dom in Adelaide – we live in the same city!) and will be using some of your second ferment recipes to start introducing kefir to my toddler son. We started with FCLO and BO, with a traditional/sacred foods diet, but I know we can do so much better because he still gets ear infections and other colds from time to time. I think using your wonderful, life giving recipes will get us started in the best way. Thank you thank you thank you!

  9. Hi Donna.

    I want to thank you for a nice, practical and useful site. I appreciate your products and recipes; I can see that you know what you’re doing when it comes to cultured food. I’ve been consuming fermented food since childhood and been preparing my own fermented vegetables, yogurt and kefir for years so I know a knowledgeable person when I see one.

    Keep up your good work, it’s inspiring!

  10. Donna,

    I was diagnosed with a rare lung disease in March 2011. There is no cure and the medication that I am on has slowed the progression, but the only other is a double lung transplant. I have been taking many different supplements to keep my immune system built up. The only medications that seem to help are steroids, and antibiotics to prevent pneumonia, which will destroy my lungs more. I have been taking a liquid probiotic, but a friend told me about making my own kefir and kombucha. I know that the kefir is very easy to make, and my first batch of kombucha is in my crock.
    I have had 2 lung surgeries, and both my lungs are adhered to my chest wall. I do wear oxygen for exertion and exercise, and at night when I sleep. The weather plays a big factor in my breathing. Heat and humidity are killers, and in the winter the very cold air is a hindrance. I would like to spread awareness the disease, lymphangioleiomyomatosis or LAM for short. The web site to learn more about it is thelamfoundation.org. It only affects women in their reproductive years and is believed to be estrogen driven. The only way they can diagnosis it is with as CT scan. The scan will show the holes or cysts that are on the lungs. It is a very devastating disease to say the least. I can no longer work, and am dependent on my husband and daughters. I am improving as I have been walking over 1 mile a day when possible. Walking helps to improve the lung capacity and stamina. I do go to NIH in Bethesda, MD for the research program they have in place for this disease every 6 months, and to Dallas, TX every 6 months to see my LAM specialist. I will be going the end of this month to Dallas.
    I just wanted to give you my story and background to see if you thought (which I know I will) from making my own probiotics? I do know I can’t hardly quit drinking the kefir. It is so GOOD! I have pre-ordered your new book through Amazon, and can’t wait for the release date. Thanks for all you do to bring healthy information to us for helping our families. I will like you on Facebook.

    Warm Regards,

    • Hi Janet,
      All these foods should greatly help you. especially the kefir for your lungs. They help with all kinds of different aliments and I have seen them work great for asthma and And other lung problems as well.

      • This is very encouraging. I have struggled all my life with bronchitis and last 10 yrs have had walking pneumonia about 5 times. I look forward to learning about this and have for some time now. I am choosing you to be my teacher. I am very aware of Weston Price Foundation and that really impresses me that you are a part of it. Your credibility is through the roof!!! You took a bad situation and turned it to good. Thank you Donna!!

  11. I cant stop telling you how proud I am of you! I try to tell people when I work with them to follow their heart. Nobody can get in your way if you truly come from a helpful place. Like Wayne says: ” Dont die with the music still inside of you”. You are an inspiration to me and believe it or not you validate why i love this working with authors. Keep an open mind and have a heart of service and you’ve proven once again it works! Thanks for being an inspiration Donna <3

    • You are my special friend Brandon. You helped me find my way when there were so many paths to choose. You helped me make my dreams come. Appreciate you Brandon! ~ Donna

  12. I am a new author . I am wanting to know how your experience was with the conference ‘I Can Do it”
    I am offered a chance to go to one in 2013.

    • Hi Pat,
      Did you watch my Balboa video on this page? It was a huge turning point for me. without it I don’t think I would have gotten published. They said that in the article. Best thing I ever did. Thank you. Wishing the best for you and your success.

  13. Thanks again, Donna

    It’s so heartening to read about strong women who listen to their hearts.

    Would the diet you advocate be vegan?


    • I am not a vegan but I do really love that cultured foods can be added to any diet. I think that our own bodies can guide us to the things that work best for us. It is the thing I am most passionate about. It is nice that after so many years my body is my best friend and teacher, giving me constant feedback as to how I am doing, body mind and soul. It’s a sweet way to live your life.

  14. Donna,

    Thanks you for your swift response and great link. Chris is an intrepid researcher.

    A vegan friend of mine used Kombucha in combination with other things and is now completely cancer-free-a marathoner, in fact.

    I run a holistic cancer program that works every time. Always looking for more good things to offer my clients.

    Your site is most helpful.