Episode 130: Do Fermented Vegetables Help with COVID-19?

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Exciting research has found that consuming probiotic fermented cabbage makes it much more difficult for the COVID-19 virus to enter the body due to special properties. Check out this week's podcast to hear more.

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Can Fermented Vegetables Help with COVID-19?

I've been watching and waiting for months to post this article. In my own personal experience and those whom I help through my website, we have all seen tremendous help and healing from eating fermented vegetables and especially when dealing with any kind of virus. I knew fermented vegetables had certain strains of bacteria that could often prevent or help when dealing with a virus, but COVID-19 was a new virus and it's hard to make a claim without research. The Health Minister of South Korea where they eat a lot of kimchi, a fermented food, quickly came out at the beginning of the COVID-19 virus to say that kimchi does not help with this virus, but months later this has been found to no longer be true. . .

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