Episode 149: My Favorite Cultured Vegetable Recipe

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I want to share with you my favorite cultured vegetable recipe and how it came to be. It's been quite a journey and I love all the things I learned from making cultured foods. Tune in, listen, and get the recipe too!

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My Favorite Cultured Vegetable Recipe

Many years ago, a woman named Shelley came to my cultured food class. I couldn't stop staring at her while I spoke, and I told my daughter that I thought I saw a light over her and was trying to figure out where it was coming from. She had been very sick when I first met her, and a year later she was a different person through eating cultured foods. She has become a dear friend, and she is also the person who created the cultured food pots you see all over my website. . .

Shelley's veggies 2-2