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Does Your Body Need a Miracle?


I believe in miracles and I believe that they live inside you and me.

Do you believe that healing requires a miracle, or do you believe that our trillions of cells govern themselves and create the bodies that we have?  So how does the eye know how to focus or the muscle know how much energy it will need during your walk today? These are the unseen workings of the world of cells that reside within.  I believe in miracles and I believe in healing, things unseen and not fully understood, things that require faith in something unseen.  I teach classes and talk with people who seem to coincidentally show up in my life. People who have deep desires to be well, or in most cases that their children be well. They are often so unsure of what will work after trying many things: supplements, medicines, and a million other things. They seem to be running out of options; as they become more desperate, as a last resort they’re trying what seems to be so simple – changing what they eat. It was just as miraculous to me when I first tried it. The funny thing is that these wondrous foods have been around since time began, not changing and remaining the same. Waiting to be discovered, to bring life and health to all who will try them. I have gone from hoping, to believing, to knowing that something so simple could be so real. Cultured foods came to me when I needed them most. They are alive and brimming with the very thing that your body contains by the trillions: bacteria. Don’t you think that if there are trillions of bacteria in our body, that it might make sense to pay attention to them? Maybe even to try to enhance their job, with perhaps some of the right kinds of foods and beneficial bacteria that would help them to grow and thrive?

We take so much for granted when it comes to our bodies. They do more in a minute than we could possibly ever understand.

Here is what I have noticed and learned and continue to observe about the different strains of beneficial bacteria that I eat every day.

The first cultured food I tried

Milk Kefir

  • Lowered my blood pressure.
  • Helped me normalize my blood sugar, driving my diabetes away.
  • Made my premature infant thrive.
  • Reduced inflammation in all my joints.
  • Made my skin look beautiful.
  • Made me regular.
  • Got rid of acid reflux.
  • Made me love my life again.

Probiotic Tea


Tart and slightly sweet while being the most delicious bubbly drink on the planet.

  • Helped my husband’s cataracts.
  • Rid me of Peri-menopause symptoms.
  • Cleansed my liver.
  • Rid me of food addictions.
  • Helped with my daughter IBS symptoms.
  • Keeps pathogens from adhering to gut lining.
  • Helps my seasonal allergies and adrenal stress.
  • Detoxes my soul.

Super Veggies

Cultured Vegetables

Take any vegetable and transform it.

  • Rid my daughter and me of candida.
  • Helps me digest protein.
  • Fixed the pain in my daughter’s gut.
  • Helped me recover from food poisoning within an hour.
  • Helped with adrenal stress
  • Reduced and helped fix my seasonal allergies.
  • Will help eliminate or deter any kind of flu bug.
  • They are in my arsenal for any kind of sickness. They feel more like a wise old friend than a food.
These are my stories, but I hear so many others from the people who come to my classes. Stories of people being restored and allergies that are no more, children thriving and problems that once were so prevalent vanishing.

I used to think my body had betrayed me with sickness and disease. Instead, my body was trying to get my attention, guiding me, and longing to work in harmony with me if I would but listen.

“Disease is the warning, and therefore the friend not the enemy – of mankind.”Dr. George S. Weger

These foods are more than just foods; they are living microbes that have more power than you could possibly understand.

Learn to make the trilogy

How to Make Milk Kefir

How to Make Kombucha

How to Make Veggies

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Do you believe that healing requires a miracle, or do you believe that our trillion of cells govern themselves? I believe in miracles and healings. Listen to the many stories of healings on today’s show.

62 Responses to "Does Your Body Need a Miracle?"
  1. I have made many batches and got my Scobys from a friend her kombucha is always good. I make it just like your book says but am having trouble with the scobys growing mold on them I have thrown them away each time. I’ve been using cocoanut palm sugar. I do live on the Oregon coast it is cooler and more damp of an environment here?? Not sure if that could be a factor?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I really want to make it right. Ive made 3 or more batches and have had a problem with all of them. Thank you so much! I am suffering from adrenal exhaustion, hormone problems, B-vitamin deficiency, anemia, brain fog, Dairy and gluten/wheat and sugar allergies. I am only 30 years old and just couldn’t figure out what is wrong. I just couldn’t believe I could have such low energy at this age. It is wonderful to finally find light to the darkness!! Thank you Jessica Rogers

    • Are you sure it is mold and not the new scoby forming? Often people will mistake it for that and if its hairy fuzzy or green than it is mold and you must have some mold in your house somewhere to cause it to keep happening.

  2. How long do you think it should take for God to get someone’s attention? Should be immediately right? Well, not for me. I have been brewing kombucha along with kefir for many years now . I truly cannot tell you for how long. But I have never done a 2nd fermentation till I found your website. Both of these are fabulous! I even have the book Nourishing Traditions and glanced at it and put it away wishing I was brave enough to try lacto-fermentation. Well, I will be making some fermented cabbage this weekend. I have been successful in getting my twin sister to start brewing kombucha and she loves it. She has MS and has had such an increase in her energy level that she says she will never give up kombucha. Her daughter had Hashimoto’s and has started on the kombucha also and I can’t wait to hear what it will do for her. My own daughter had Type 1 diabetes and I am working on getting her to try some fermented drinks. Yes, I should have never let her see the SCOBY. As you can see my family has a problem with autoimmune disease. My husband has high blood pressure and high cholesterol but is skinny. I stay tired and my joints hurt along with being overweight and guess what? I am a RN but I do not like conventional medicine.
    I am not a newbie in all aspects but have still learned so very much in just a very short time from your book and your website. I am truly looking forward to finishing your book and devouring everything you have written about this wonderful world of fermented foods. I think God has been showing me the way to help heal our bodies for a very long time but has finally placed you right in front of me to get my attention.

    • I can completely relate to what you have said here. Feeling like God is trying to get my attention and has been for quite a while. I’m trying so hard to find the truth he has for me. I get impatient and I resort to worry but I know we are to fret not. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and I’m waiting in expectation for the miracle. God bless you. I hope this finds you well.

  3. Hi Donna, WOW my head is spinning! I don’t know where to start! Many health issues; Hashimotto’s, Celiac’s, Adrenal Fatigue, and Hormone imbalances due to surgery years ago. SAD diet all my life. I’m 62 now. No luck with doctors. After prayer and asking God for direction, I am now a member of Weston A Price. Started out gung ho with all the cultures and detoxed so bad I was miserable with rashes of all kinds! Had to totally stop. I need to start very slow again. What would you suggest as a starting point for me, Kefir, Kombucha, veggies? and how much. Thank you so much for all you do!

      • Thank you Donna! So my journey continues. I will be starting slowly with fermented veggies because I am dairy free. Looking forward to the changes. The article about where you started was what I needed for encouragement. I’m starting on Kraut juice from GAPS and working my way forward! Blessings!

  4. Hi Donna,

    My son has battled constipation all of his life. He is 13. I have been 2nd fermenting milk kefir from your grains for almost two weeks. He has been drinking this as a smoothy (2tsp pure vanilla extract, ice, and 1tbs sugar and 2 cups of 2nd kefir) at around 9pm every night with me for about a week and a half. He only missed one night. I am eagerly awaiting to see a change in his stool, but have not yet seen it. How long do you think this should take before we start to see a change?

    Thanks Donna

  5. Hi Donna

    You said the kefir made your premature baby thrive. Would I be right in guessing that she got it through your breast milk? Or did you have some other way of giving it to her?

    I remember with my first child, within weeks I found that I couldn’t drink coffee (unless decaf), or coke, I couldn’t eat more than one or two squares of chocolate or anything at all with red food coloring as it went through my breast milk and she went hyper. Her body would be tired but her brain was buzzing so much that she couldn’t go to sleep and she would lay there screaming at the top of her lungs. Obviously, what we put in to our bodies while breastfeeding greatly affects our child also.

  6. Hi Donna,

    I have been making home made milk Kefir for a couple of months now and have just started making coconut milk kefir. For breakfast each morning I have a smoothie containing almond milk, mixed frozen berries, whey protein isolate, 1/4 cup milk kefir and a 1/4 cup coconut kefir. I also consume about a cup of store bought Kombucha each day (I haven’t yet ventured into making my own Kombucha). My question is, how much Kefir/Kombucha do I need to consume each day to get the maximum health benefits. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  7. I am wondering if you have any experience with anyone with osteoporosis. I am 34 and have severe osteoporosis. My doctor (being seen at the Mayo Clinic) thinks it is an undiscovered genetic metabolic bone disease. Two of my daughters and many other family members have similar problems. So far we don’t have any answers except drugs, which I don’t want to do.

    I am thinking it may be that we aren’t digesting and absorbing properly. I started having kefir smoothies daily in the summer of 2013 and then cultured veggies in March of 2014. We eat mostly whole foods and are otherwise healthy. Please let me know what you think.

  8. I am doing my 1st batch of cultured Kraut but haven’t got the air locks,if I don’t get all the mold out is it going to hurt me?

  9. Hi Donna
    Well I am now making Kefir, fermented Vegetables, kombucha, and Sourdough bread.
    Your site has given me the knowledge to heal myself using a natural approach.
    I have just started fermenting my steel cut oatmeal, wow
    It’s delicious.
    Thanks for your informative site, I am learning a lot.

  10. Have you or anyone else cured diabetes by eating cultured foods? I seem to be a late onset type 1. I am a fairly healthy eater I’m general. Any advice/suggestions is appreciated.


  12. Hi Donna! Thank-you so much for teaching others about Fermentation. I love how you are part of the Weston Foundation. I have tremendous respect for their Organization. I have been using all 3, like you I jumped in with both feet!! The first few times I drank kombucha it made me quezzy and feeling very hungary. Like my blood sugars were real low, I knew I was detoxing and my body trying to get used to it. And soon by each drink I began to notice the carbonation and now love them but partial to a few flavors. I have so much energy today I could run a marathon!! I get all 3 starters next week and so excited to learn how to make them and already telling others how I will help them learn as well, through you. I love your book and also going to start my sourdough bread and sprouted flours!!! I love Ezekiel bread. Thank you so very much and I’m so glad you came into my life!!!

  13. Hi Donna.
    I have been sick with gut issues for twenty years. I am approaching 40, have had five children, I am a Uni student, and have had a very stressful five years. My adrenals are shot, my gut is worse than ever and no matter what I do, it seems my health worsens. I have Kombucha, kefir and I am yet to try cultured vegetables. I am grain, wheat, sugar free, i exercise and would say i lead a very healthy life but now I know I need to do something else. I am desperate. So I will let you know how I go. Thank you for your page. Bless you.

  14. Hello Donna, I’m writting you from Argentina. I would like to know your opinion concerning water Kefir. Thank you for your great generosity!

    • I wrote about this in my book quite extensively. It is my least favorite cultured food but I still like it I just think the other, kefir cultured veggies and kombucha are better.

      • I have made my own cultured veggies and eat them regularly, I love them! I will compensate with it 😉

  15. Hi Donna,

    I am a huge believer in cultured foods and use them everyday and have noticed much better health since beginning in the fall 2013.

    The question i have for you is, a friend of mine a has a candida problem which shows up in her reproductive system and armpits. I have given her homemade kefir and she says it just gets worse when she eats it. She is a very natural person, but has to resort to using drugs. The drugs only give her temporary relief and then the problem comes back.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks for your response

  16. Hi, Donna,

    I love your insight and wisdom. Thank you for sharing this with us. I too am new to cultured foods. I love raw milk dairy but think it creates problems with my sinuses. Would using kefir help to resolve this issue?

    Thank you very much,

      • I appreciate this very much! I’ve begun purchasing kefir and love it’s sour taste. Better than yoghurt. I am going to try your recipes. I plan on trying to make my own and will purchase the kefir starter to begin with.

  17. Hi, Donna – I know you and your husband find jars in lots of different places. (me too) I was wondering if there is a consistent place that you find the small carafe jars with the snap-on lids. I love those, they fit so nicely in the fridge, they’re easy to clean and so versatile ! Thanks!

  18. Hi Donna-

    I’ve got your book and am ready to go. In the last week I’ve had a half-cup of store-bought kefir every day. (Unfortunately my picky daughter doesn’t like it although it’s flavored! As usual, I’m getting on this bandwagon for her as much as me.)

    I’ve got a friend with a scoby and kefir grains, and I bought the vegetable-culture kit.

    I’m wondering what and how many bottles I should buy to start and then ultimately what’s needed so I can pick them up when I see them. What’s your recommendation? For some reason the supplies are holding me up.

    Thank you so much!

  19. Can you do an article on Candida? I have been drinking store bought kefir and the book I got “The Candida Cure” said that fermented foods cause Candida. It says to stay away from fermented dairy and fermented foods due to the yeast content. If you wouldn’t mind, please explaining if there are certain fermented foods that helped rid you and your daughter of Candida and certain ones you avoid? I am dealing with this right now and would like some help and direction. Thank you!! 🙂

  20. I’ve been drinking a kefer drink or eating some cultured veggies every day for a couple of months. How much and how long do you think it takes for real health changes? Yesterday Dr said my blood pressure was high.


      • HELP! I have the same problem, with the addition of digestive upset!! I can only manage to drink about 1 teaspoon of milk kefir per day and not experience the uncomfortable side effects :(. I’ve been hanging-on with this small amount of kefir for about 2 months now and every time I try to increase, I get sick. Digestive upset, itchy skin rash, enormous fatigue, and brain “fog”!! I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance about 6 years ago, so I suspect my colon’s a bit “compromised”. However, I believe the probiotics and all the benefits of the kefir will most assuredly help….I’m just wondering HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE to finally begin to experience the “miracle”? Any advise and/or suggestions will be so greatly appreciated. I’m not going to stop with the kefir and the fermented veggie’s, but I seem to be feeling so much worse these last 2 months and want to know there is “light at the end of this tunnel”. 🙂

  22. WHAT are your views on candida and Kombucha? I ‘ve heard mixed opinions and I’m leary because I dealt with candida last year and seemed to clear it up with herbs and diet etc. then started kombucha and wasn’t noticing return of symptoms then made my own and on the second batch started noticeing bloating etc…..I’m not sure if it was candida returning or just hormonal fluctuations b/c perimenopause…..but i stopped drinking it and making it….and I miss it.

    • It depends on how sweet your kombucha is. I have found that people with candida do the best when they don’t add the juice and second ferment, because often they don’t get rid of all the sugar in the juice.

  23. Thanks so much for all of your wisdom and information!! I’m almost convinced that even good health, can be better health!!

  24. Great read Donna, I’m very much interested in Kefir, Cultured Vegetables, & Kombucha, I’m green in all of these fields, What steps do I need to start this Process? Thanks in Advance

    • Hi David, Pick the one that you are most interested in. Kefir, Cultured vegetables or kombucha. Then start with one that you think you would like the most. You can go to culturing basics on my site and pick the topic you would like to learn about. There are instructions on there. If you would like to see videos on how to do it. You can be a member of my site or get my DVD or book, or just get the free info on my site. Happy fermenting. Let me know if you have questions. Happy to help.

  25. I really want to learn to make my own kefir and kraut. And kimchi. I’m a little scared of kombucha – never had it before… I’m assuming homemade would taste better than store bought? Thanks for all the info on your site; I’m getting inspired! 🙂

    • Gini, store bought kombucha is delicious and very beneficial. I buy GTS Dave’s brand, and love the taste. Enjoy!

    • If you have an organic farmer’s market in your area start by buying a few fermented vegetables and assorted Kombucha drinks there. Experiment with the different flavours of Kombucha to see what inspires you and your taste buds so that when you start you will make up the ones you like and then you can branch out to others as you grow into it.

  26. Is it okay to gently heat cultured veggies by adding them in soups or other dishes or does this kill the beneficial bacteria?

    • If the temperature is above 115 degrees it starts to kill the bacteria. You can add them to soups when they are warm. Heat does kill the bacteria.

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