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"I believe in miracles and I believe that they live inside you and me."

Do you believe that healing requires a miracle, or do you believe that our trillions of cells govern themselves and create the bodies that we have?  So how does the eye know how to focus or the muscle know how much energy it will need during your walk today? How does the immune system attack a foreign invader and make antibodies?  We all have T Cells that are vital in hosting an immune response against pathogens, viruses, and harmful bacteria. The helper T cells plan the attack and the killer T cells carry it out. The more good bacteria you have the more T cells you have. Antibodies are produced by specialized white blood cells called B lymphocytes. Antibodies are specific to one antigen (a toxin or foreign substance). They attach to that antigen like a key in a lock. If an antigen enters your body and your B cells recognize it, either from having had the disease before or from being vaccinated against it, your B cells increase the production of the appropriate antibody.

These are the unseen workings of the world of cells that reside within.  I believe in miracles and I believe in healing, things unseen and not fully understood, things that require faith in something unseen.  I teach classes and talk with people who seem to coincidentally show up in my life. People who have deep desires to be well, or in most cases that their children be well. They are often so unsure of what will work after trying many things: supplements, medicines, and a million other things. They seem to be running out of options; as they become more desperate, as a last resort they’re trying what seems to be so simple – changing what they eat. It was just as miraculous to me when I first tried it. The funny thing is that these wondrous foods have been around since time began, not changing, and remaining the same. Waiting to be discovered, to bring life and health to all who will try them. I have gone from hoping to believing, to knowing that something so simple could be so real. Cultured foods came to me when I needed them most. They are alive and brimming with the very thing that your body contains by the trillions: good bacteria. Don’t you think that if there are trillions of bacteria in our body, that it might make sense to pay attention to them? Maybe even to try to enhance their job, with perhaps some of the right kinds of foods and beneficial bacteria that would help them to grow and thrive?

We take so much for granted when it comes to our bodies. They do more in a minute than we could possibly ever understand.

Here is what I have noticed and learned and continue to observe about the different strains of beneficial bacteria that I eat every day.

The First Cultured Food I Tried

Milk Kefir

  • Lowered my blood pressure.
  • Helped me normalize my blood sugar, driving my diabetes away.
  • Made my premature infant thrive.
  • Reduced inflammation in all my joints.
  • Made my skin look beautiful.
  • Made me regular.
  • Got rid of acid reflux.
  • Made me love my life again.
Goat's Milk Kefir

Probiotic Tea


Tart and slightly sweet while being the most delicious bubbly drink on the planet.

  • Helped my husband’s cataracts.
  • Rid me of Peri-menopause symptoms.
  • Cleansed my liver.
  • Rid me of food addictions.
  • Helped with my daughter IBS symptoms.
  • Keeps pathogens from adhering to gut lining.
  • Helps my seasonal allergies and adrenal stress.
  • Detoxes my soul.
Grape Kombucha

Super Veggies

Cultured Vegetables

Take any vegetable and transform it.

  • Rid my daughter and me of candida.
  • Helps me digest protein.
  • Fixed the pain in my daughter’s gut.
  • Helped me recover from food poisoning within an hour.
  • Helped with adrenal stress
  • Reduced and helped fix my seasonal allergies.
  • Will help eliminate or deter any kind of flu bug.
  • They are in my arsenal for any kind of sickness. They feel more like a wise old friend than a food.

These are my stories, but I hear so many others from the people who come to my classes. Stories of people being restored and allergies that are no more, children thriving and problems that once were so prevalent vanishing.

I used to think my body had betrayed me with sickness and disease. Instead, my body was trying to get my attention, guiding me, and longing to work in harmony with me if I would but listen.

“Disease is the warning, and therefore the friend, not the enemy – of mankind.”Dr. George S. Weger

These foods are more than just foods; they are living microbes that have more power than you could possibly understand. Work with your body and give it the foods it needs and watch it give you evidence of the miraculous body it can be. Eating foods that nourish the body changes everything. You are the captain of your ship and nobody controls what you put in your body but you. In this day and age, we need to be more conscious of our health than ever before. Your immune system is the key and you can strengthen it and support it and it will show you its mighty power. Our bodies were designed to heal us and I have seen this time and time again. I'm thankful for all it has done for me, for the wake-up call it gave me 20 years ago when I lay sick with ailments I had caused through my own actions.  I continue to learn and hopefully can pass that on to you. This has been the road less traveled but it has made all the difference.


Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes a matter of opportunity. Hippocrates

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