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Get Dirty – Get Microbes – Be Happy!


Does Dirt Have Microbes?

Earth Nutrition

Look at all those microbes swirling around him!

I have affixed to me the dirt of countless ages. Who am I to disturb history?Pig-Pen

Several years ago I found myself with much to do. With my daughter getting married and a deadline for my new book looming, not to mention the fact that both my husband and I have our own businesses . . . it was intense at our house. I started feeling the pressure and found myself in tears a lot and feeling completely overwhelmed.

donna at boatAfter my daughter’s wedding I set to the task of writing my new book and went to stay on our boat at the lake by myself. Something about water is soothing to me and walking barefoot at the lake calmed that franticness inside of me. It wasn’t too long before I found the words to write flowing out of me like a river. I called my husband to tell him, and with tears streaming down my face and the sun shining brightly off the water, I described to him what I thought was happening. “I found a quietness inside and you know, honey – I am seldom quiet! It feels like peace here, I don’t know what is happening but something changed inside of me and my writer’s block is gone.” Something about being in nature helped me find what I thought I had lost. The book I needed to write was there all along, inside of me. When I came back home, I went barefoot outside every day and dug my toes in the dirt. I sat in my backyard with my dogs and wrote my book nonstop in about a month! Every single page was written outside and it became one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It was funny because my little dog, Scoby, kept digging holes all around me in the dirt and I kept putting my feet in them. Honestly I didn’t know what had happened to me, but it was one of the easiest things I had ever done and it felt like I had become a different person. Just a few days later I began to understand what was really happening; and lo and behold, bacteria had a part in all of this too. An email blog I subscribe to showed up in my inbox that seemed to explain what was happening to me.

Is Dirt The New Prozac?

IMG_2075The email blog article was about dirt. In 2007, Christopher Lowry, associate professor in the department of integrative physiology and Center for Neuroscience at University of Colorado at Boulder, and a team of researchers published an article in Neuroscience that had people discovering that dirt was the new Prozac. A bacteria found in soil called Mycobacterium has been found to effect the same neurons as Prozac, offering people a natural lift in mood. They exposed lung cancer patients to this bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae, found in soil. The patients unexpectedly reported increases in their quality of life, including a brighter mood. The very same thing was happening to me and it was undeniable that the effects were coming from spending time outside in nature. I have known many gardeners who have exclaimed how gardening is their happy place. Which convinces me more that we should grow our own food. It’s good for the body, the mind, and it brings us a quiet peacefulness inside

This wasn’t all I discovered about dirt. It wasn’t a week later that another email came into my box with a video about a new movie coming out called Grounded. I had heard about this thing called grounding (or earthing) but it was kind of crazy sounding so I never really paid attention to it until now.

Earth is an electrical planet

The surface of the Earth holds health-boosting energy and just as the sun gives you Vitamin D, the ground gives off what they call “electrical nutrition.” All we have to do is touch it to become truly alive. The Earth is an electrical planet, and you are a bio-electrical being living on this electrical planet. Your body functions electrically via the heart and nervous system. Grounding, they say, is kind of like an electrical nutrition that restores and stabilizes all your circuits and reduces inflammation. In the movie, grounding had a huge impact on one man and as he shared his experience with others, it healed his town. It was quite impressive, with fifteen years of research and many stories of healing. It’s finding its way into many lives around the world and it found its way into mine. Just walking barefoot on the ground can accomplish the task of grounding. Digging in a garden, or even swimming in water is grounding too. They are making grounding shoes, grounding sheets, and mattresses that people are using with spectacular results, although I haven’t tried them yet.

knockingSo whether it is the bacteria in the soil, or the electrical currents that pulse through the earth that lifted my spirit and allowed me to write my third book and find peace, I am very grateful. Although, I love the part about bacteria the best! It opened a window of understanding and allowed me to find what I was so desperately needing. I spend an awful lot of time outside now, and with winter coming I was just wondering – how hard would it be for my husband to build me an igloo this winter? As crazy as it sounds, it is also based in a lot of science and microbes seem to get my attention wherever they are. I think it’s a divine plan and one that was meant to be found by me when I needed it the most. I love to discover new things and share them with you, and I am thrilled that shoes are not a necessity any more in my life. Makes me smile. Check out the trailer below, it might make you go play in the dirt, plant a few flowers, or take a walk ~ barefoot.


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17 Responses to "Get Dirty – Get Microbes – Be Happy!"
  1. Wow, loved this post and that movie! (By the way, if you watch the trailer through to the end here, a link will come up afterwards in the upper left hand corner for the entire movie!)
    I had twisted my knee and it was really hurting all week, I could barely walk on it. Also, I have a lot going on in my life right now that is stressful, so I was feeling pretty fried. After watching the movie, I figured what the heck, why not give it a try, absolutely nothing to lose!
    I slipped off my shoes and took a short stroll into the yard. I couldn’t walk much, but leaned up against the house and soaked up the sun for about an hour in the late afternoon, then went and sat on the hill for maybe another hour, just zoning out. When I came back inside I was kind of disappointed I felt nothing different, though maybe a little more relaxed.
    The next morning as I was making coffee, I suddenly realized my knee didn’t hurt! It wasn’t just a little better, it was pain free! I pressed and prodded and not a ache! I was amazed! Okay, the power of suggestion? Maybe, but whatever, I didn’t care, it worked! Not to mention my mood was 100% better since then too! I am still blown away, this is crazy! LOL! Thanks Donna, I have to share this!!!

  2. I am so glad you have found peace of mind & soul by reconnecting with our wonderful earth!! Since our bodies are made up of the elements of the earth, it is essential we reconnect and recharge ourselves. I have always “unknowingly” recharged myself by getting outside into nature. Just a simple task like pulling weeds will brighten my day! Sounds weird I know but it works!!

  3. Donna, this was great! Thank you for sharing and thank you for all that you do to promote cultured goodies!

  4. Maybe this is why little kids who play in the dirt all the time seem to be the happiest kids, and the ones who stay inside and get no natural light, do not play in the dirt and make mud pies, or sand castles, etc, are not as happy and do not live as rich and fulfilling lives. I totally can see how Grounding can be a positive and beneficial part of human existence.

  5. Hi Donna

    Was at my functional medicine doctor a few days ago who sleeps on grounded sheets. He thinks grounding is great. I’ve watched the Grounded movie 3 times and my husband and I sleep on a grounded sheet too. However, my Dr told me the smartest thing I’m doing for my health is eating cultured veggies and drinking kefir and Kombacha.

  6. I just watched this movie, Donna. It’s free on hulu .com The only downside is that you have to deal with advertisements – but it’s worth it. Love your newsletters!

  7. Donna, This was great. I have know about earthing for a while. I go bare foot most of the time except when I go some where. I see that my inside cat gets in the garage often to be able to ground herself. You can get grounded with the concrete. So she will lay on the concrete for a hour or two. She does nothing except lay there. It is great for the animals. I also do gardening bare foot. Except when digging with the shovel. It is so good. Blessings to you for what you are telling people.

  8. Donna
    I can’t always read your post because the print starts in the beautiful pictures. Is there a way you can print your article under the picture? I want to read everything you have to say.

  9. This is wonderful that you have made this connection Donna! Are you aware that water has a consciousness? Dr. Masaru Emoto scientifically proved it. His research involved taking water, freezing it, then looking at the results under a microscope. What he found was astounding. Under lab tests the water crystals would form to thoughts, written words placed in close proximity, and even music! This video shows some of the examples. http://youtu.be/tAvzsjcBtx8. Since our bodies are made up of 60% salt water it only makes sense that when we get close or immerse ourselves in it, the body has a chance to reset and recharge. Is it now clear to you how earthing AND spending time at the lake has tackled your writers block?

    I also have been introduced 5 years now of what crystals do for us as well. Structuring water has had a profound effect on water as well. I am also currently using some of the methods from Dr. Emoto’s research combined with clear quartz crystals in the production of Kombucha and having wonderful results. Fermenting time has gone from 7-10 days down to 3-5 days PLUS it has increased the amount of detoxification. 2 months have past now in making my own kombucha and has had wonderful results and even more now that I am structuring it even more with these methods. These bodies of ours are carbon based structures and you are now realizing these elements found in nature that we take for granted are beginning to reach out to us to reconnect us back to mother Earth. It’s not just a “this or that” thing, it is indeed all of them. And YOU are playing a very big role in bringing this out to the masses with cultured foods. Your Story on your home page is a testimony to that. And I am excited to take this journey deeper. Learning more and doing more to get our bodies back into balance and harmony with nature. Be well and continued blessings Donna.

    • Hi. Can you tell me how to do with clear Quartz crystals with kombucha? I would love to learn more of this method. Do I have to buy them? Will you send me the link? Many thanks.

  10. Is there a list of items needed to make a ‘grounding’ for a person’s dwelling? Loved this. Thank you so much for posting it. Love your website also and appreciate your lovely manner and presentations.

  11. Wow, Donna! What a great post of your experience! I had seen another movie last year about Earthing and was fascinated! I, too, have known my whole life of the healing nature of nature. 🙂 It’s wonderful to see and experience evidence of it. Very life affirming. Once again, you have brightened my Sunday morning. Thank you and I look forward to your next book!!!

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