Kombucha is an amazing drink. Kombucha sales are projected to reach US $6.2 Billion by 2026 - as stated by 2019 MarketWatch, and this was all done strictly by word of mouth. I have watched it grow and I've also witnessed the major soda beverage companies start to lose their credibility and hit a 30-year low in sales as people wake up to how much harm drinking large amounts of soda pop can cause. As sales decline on soda pop, and kombucha and other healthier alternatives began to surge, I started seeing articles popping up about kombucha being harmful. Check out my article on this: Is Kombucha Good For You. I always think you should find your own guidance about what is best for you and that includes advice from me. I want nothing more than for you to gain confidence in your own ability to discern what is best. You'll feel it inside and something will resonate within you. Your life experience will show you what's best. I'm just going to share with you what has worked for me and share my experiences of the last fifteen years making and drinking these cultured foods. I've been on a journey of discovery and not a week goes by where I don't learn something new about microbes, probiotics, and all they do for us. Kombucha is a wonderful replacement for pop and here are a few reasons I drink it every day.

7  Reasons I Drink Kombucha Every Day


Detoxing from addictive substances:

Many years ago, I was addicted to unhealthy foods and beverages. Kombucha helped me replace the addictive quality of diet pop and highly processed foods. Nothing else worked to detox me from those addictive chemicals that kept me craving these foods and harming the cells of my body. It was kombucha that assisted my liver in detoxing me and allowing me to crave healthy foods and drinks.  Addictions and cravings for unhealthy foods and drinks will become a thing of the past as you create new microbes that make you crave healthy foods.

Kombucha Ingredients

No need for deodorant:

If I consistently consume about 16 ounces of kombucha daily, I don't need deodorant. If I quit drinking kombucha, then the body odor comes back. It seems to be something specifically in kombucha that helps me cleanse from these odor-causing bacteria. Consequently, I keep drinking it and never have to use deodorants loaded with harmful chemicals that can be hard on your immune system. Sweat is actually odorless; but when it's combined with certain bacteria, it can begin to smell. I've had several people tell me that they've experienced kombucha helping with body odor.


Hormone help:

When you have a lot of excess hormones, be it premenstrual symptoms, perimenopause, or menopause, kombucha is wonderful in helping to eliminate excess estrogen and other hormones that are out of balance. Excess hormones are eliminated through the liver and digestive tract. Kombucha assists the liver in detoxification and the probiotics in kombucha help with elimination through the digestive tract. I have found kombucha to be an important component of hormonal balance.

Cola Kombucha

Kidney health:

When I first started drinking kombucha, I noticed I was urinating a lot. After about a week, it all subsided and I noticed I felt so much better. A couple years later, I stopped drinking kombucha for three months because I had read an article online from someone supposedly in the know who thought it was bad for you. In those three months, some of my joint pain came back, I started feeling tired and sluggish in the late afternoons, and I didn’t have as much energy overall, so I started drinking it again. And once again in that first week I started purging toxins through the kidneys and skin. Kombucha research has found that it can repair damage caused by environmental pollutants, such as TCE, and may be beneficial to people suffering from renal impairment. 1

Fruit Flavored Kombucha


In the springtime, I up my cultured foods to help with seasonal allergies. Kombucha is something I can have several times a day to help with low energy and detoxification from excess pollen. Ingesting more microbes assists the immune system and helps the adrenals cope with foreign invaders such as pollen. Ginger kombucha is the one I consume the most during allergy season and seems to be the most effective for me.

Learn more about Ginger Kombucha 


Sore throat and coughs:

If anybody in my house has a sore throat or cough, kombucha is a wonderful way to soothe them and also load the body with probiotics. It seems to clear the junk off the back of the throat and helps clear the sinuses too. One thing to note - cold drinks can aggravate a cough and make you cough more. If this is the case for you, let your kombucha come to room temperature. It will also support your lymphatic system as it removes the viruses and pathogens that have affected your body.

Cola Kombucha

Joint health:

Kombucha is packed with glucosamine which helps prevent joint damage by supporting the preservation of collagen. It does this by increasing hyaluronic acid which is important for the lubrication of your joints. When joints are better able to move, the collagen isn’t worn down as much. 2  I've heard many people express how kombucha helps them with joint pain and is effective in relieving painful swelling.

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Kombucha is an amazing drink. It has done a lot for me and I love it, especially around the holidays. It's also a wonderful replacement for soda pop! Here are a few reasons I drink it every day.

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