Kefir Cheese and Whey

I make a lot of kefir cheese. I use kefir cheese in place of any recipe that calls for cream cheese, sour cream, or  Greek yogurt. It's very versatile, and the length of time you strain it will determine how thick it becomes. Making kefir cheese is one of my favorite things to do with kefir—and it’s a great way to sneak kefir into the diets of picky eaters because it tastes much like cream cheese. We have 43 different ways to use kefir cheese in dips, salad dressings, kefir ice cream, soups, and more! I make it regularly and use it constantly. You can also use the leftover whey to make cultured vegetables and kefir soda, and we have  9 ways for using your extra kefir whey too.  

Kefir cheese is 99% lactose free

The curds (or the cheese) portion of kefir contains most of the fat, casein, and vitamin A, but whey also contains a lot of beneficial properties and they both contain probiotics. Kefir cheese is loaded with calcium because it is so concentrated. The good lactic acid bacteria in kefir eat the lactose (milk sugars) out of the milk, lower the pH, make it tart, and cause the milk protein to thicken. The digestion of the lactose as these bacteria ferment milk makes kefir easily digestible. Kefir is considered a pre-digested food. The bacteria make probiotics from the sugars and also make it 99% lactose free.

How to Make Kefir Cheese and Whey

9 Ways to Use Extra Kefir Whey

Whey The Liquid Gold in Kefir

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Whey has been called liquid gold, and it has been used throughout history to help with many diseases. It's a superfood that can help with a myriad of ailments. Kefir cheese has many wonderful properties too. Let me show you the many properties and ways to use this wonderful food!

43 recipes for kefir cheese

Go ahead and make some kefir cheese, it's really easy to make. You'll just need a strainer, coffee filter, and some kefir. Scroll down to see the 43 recipes!

Acorn Squash with Wisdom Kraut
Apple Kefir Dressing
Blueberry Pecan Kefir Pancakes
Brownie Cupcakes (Gluten Free)
Chocolate Lavender Pots of Kefir Creme
Coconut Almond Kefir Ice Cream
Coconut Kefir Ice Cream
Cranberry Kefir Delish
Cream of Vegetable Soup (Thanksgiving Soup)
Creamy Kefir Broccoli
Cultured Gringo Dip
Garlic N Kefir Cauliflower Mash!
Gingerbread Bars with Kefir Frosting
Grinchy Kefir Smoothie
Kefir & Kombucha Fruit Salad
Kefir Cheese Ball
Kefir Claus
Kefir Festive Pie
Kefir Fruit Dip
Kefir Guacamole
Kefir Kraut Dip
Kefir Lemon Yule Log
Kefir Pistachio Pesto
Lemon Kefir Dressing
Lemon Kefir Ice Cream
Parmesan Crisps with Kraut and Cheese
Peanut Butter Kefir Ice Cream
Peppermint Kefir Frosting
Peppermint Kefir Ice Cream
Pepperpot Soup
Popeye Kefir Ice Cream
Probiotic Pickle Poppers
Pumpkin Kefir Cheese Ice Cream
Red, White, Blue and Cultured Too!!
Ron's Kefir Onion Dip
Root Beer Float
Spicy Kefir Veggie Dip 🌶
Sprouted Strawberry Scones with Lemon Kefir Topping
Strawberry Kefir Ice Cream
Baked Sweet Potato Topped with Cultured Goodness
The Fairest Salad in the Land
Tuscan Zucchini Dip
Whipped Kefir Topping