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Make your own Japanese natto at home

Natto is fermented soybeans with loads of health benefits, such as helping with lowering blood pressure, stroke prevention, heart health, tons of Vitamin K2 for bone health, and more. Natto possesses a sticky, gooey texture, somewhat like melted cheese. Its flavor has been described as an aged brie with nutty, earthy undertones, while its smell is much stronger. However, it's a very adaptable ingredient that complements a variety of other foods and it is resistant to heat so you can add it to anything.

Easy to Use Natto Starter for High-Quality Natto 100% Made from Organic Soybean Extract. Made in Japan.

ORGANIC NATTO STARTER: Purely cultured Bacillus Subtilis Natto made from 100% organic soybean extract. Use to make delicious Natto, a superfood rich in probiotics, Vitamin K, proteins, etc

EFFICIENT & EASY TO USE: 3g (0.1oz) package can make 10-30kg (22-66 lbs) of natto. It has a strong fermentative power compared to other starters (1×10^10 CFU/g). Suitable for making high-quality natto professionally or homemade.

RESEALABLE PACKAGING: Comes in pouch packaging with a zip lock for easy storage. Please keep it at a low temperature or in the refrigerator before and after opening.

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