Bowl Scraper

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This is one of my favorite tools and I use it especially for making my sourdough bread. This flexible plastic scraper will bend to match the curve of your mixing bowl so you can get all the product out. It’s also cut the dough if you want to make a different shape or different loaves. Use the straight edge of the scraper to scrape pieces of dough off of your cutting board or worktable so you don’t waste any product, and also use it at the end of the day to help scrape up crusted-on foods for easy cleanup. You’ll want this convenient extra hand when trying to move or shape and transfer your dough especially if it’s sticky.

You can also use the scraper to evenly distribute icing over cakes, but another way I use it daily is for scraping together vegetables or herbs off my cutting board after I have chopped them. I have several of these and always keep them on my cutting board and use them daily.