Airlock Lid

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These leak-proof airlock fermenters are a great way to culture your veggies. You don’t need airlocks to ferment – but it is my favorite way to ferment veggies because it makes the veggies taste better. These special airlock lids will convert any glass mason-type “canning” jar into an airlock fermenter. Fermenting with airlocks helps with several things.

  1. Better tasting veggies.
  2. Less chance of the Kahm yeast that can develop and make your veggies taste bad.
  3. Release pressure/ gas naturally and allow veggies to ferment and stay crisper.

Please note that this does not include the glass mason jar.

Lid Size Chart

  • 86mm - "wide-mouth" mason jars and half-gallon "tall" jar
  • 110mm - half-gallon "short" jar and gallon jar

Instructions for using your airlock lids

  1. Before you begin, wash your lids and airlocks in hot, soapy water and then dry them.
  2. Prepare your vegetables and place them in your jars, fill them with the appropriate amount of water, and culture.
  3. Remove the clear plastic cap from the top of the airlock. Fill the airlock with water about halfway up the plastic tube.
  4. Place the cap back on the airlock once you filled it with water, and place the airlock in the grommet on the airlock lid, pushing down till the airlock is securely in the grommet.
  5. Screw the lid on the jar and tighten the lid firmly to prevent air from entering the jar.
  6. When the vegetables are done fermenting, remove the airlock, attach the storage plug or solid lid, and place the jar in the fridge.