Grinchy Kefir Smoothie
Spirulina is optional in this smoothie, but it has many benefits. It's considered a superfood made from all-organic and all-fermented ingredients. Spirulina, quinoa, millet, brown rice, chickpeas, and seeds have been fermented with live, naturally-occurring beneficial microflora. All of the nutrients in this amazing food are predigested and are easily utilized by the body. Use Super Spirulina Plus daily to help naturally detoxify your body, maintain a healthy weight, and boost your energy. Check out my store to find the product .~Donna
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Servings: serving
  1. Blend kefir, spinach, almond milk, spirulina, banana, and kefir cheese in a high-speed blender until well combined.
  2. Pour your green smoothie into a tall glass, allow to sit at least 5 minutes, then stir.
  3. Juice 2 cups of cranberries in a juicer. (You can use store-bought cranberry juice, too.)
  4. Stir your green smoothie. Then carefully and slowly pour your cranberry juice shaping a heart with your spout. (This can take practice.) Some of the juice will go to the bottom.
  5. Enjoy!