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Einkorn is one of my favorite sourdough breads. Einkorn is the most ancient species of wheat, and it digests better and helps with blood sugar levels and the taste is like nothing else I've tried. This works slightly different than regular wheat.  A couple of little rules to remember; if the dough is too dry, it won't rise well. If it's too wet, it will be very sticky, so keep that in mind and you'll make a wonderful loaf by following my instructions. Activating the starter is super easy and you'll be up and running making bread in no time.


  • 15 grams of my live einkorn sourdough starter, made from einkorn flour and water.
  • A color booklet that contains a recipe for activating your starter.
  • A recipe for making delicious einkorn sourdough bread with step-by-step pictures.
  • Support from our team if you have questions. Email: [email protected].

Look at all the reasons this bread is so good for you.

All wheat that we consume today is descended from einkorn wheat which has about 14 chromosomes as compared to other wheat which has 28-42. This is important since some studies show that ancient wheat, with its fewer chromosomes, has lower levels of gliadins. Gliadins are proteins that can cause sensitivities in those who struggle with gluten. Gluten is defined as a stretchy protein that is left behind after starch is washed away from a wheat flour dough. When you consume bread, the gluten proteins break down into smaller units called peptides, which are strings of amino acids. Certain proteins in most wheat products have been found to cause harm to those with sensitive guts.

Different type of gluten

The wheat we eat today is far different from ancient einkorn wheat. Wheat is a hexaploid, containing sets of chromosomes, with three complete genomes termed A, B, and D in the nucleus of each cell. Modern wheat has been crossed with two different goat grasses. Goat grasses contain the D genome, which is the source of most gluten intolerance. Einkorn does not contain this troublesome D genome, only the A genome, and most testing for gluten intolerance is based on the D genome. And while einkorn does contain gluten, it is a different type of gluten and allows for easier digestion and nutrient absorption. Einkorn has 50% less phytic acid than regular wheat which also wreaks havoc on people's guts. When you use a sourdough starter to make a loaf of bread, you deactivate phytic acid. Phytic acid can inhibit the absorption of vital nutrients and can even lead to nutrient deficiencies, so making bread with a sourdough culture and einkorn flour is a win-win when it comes to deactivating phytic acid.
So why did they change and hybridize our wheat from ancient Einkorn wheat? The biggest reason is that einkorn only gives a fifth of the yield as compared to modern wheat. In their efforts to get higher yields, wheat was modified without realizing the effect it would have on our health. Einkorn flour has not been altered or hybridized, thereby being one of the most natural grains available.

High in protein, vitamins, and minerals and delays diabetes

Einkorn has 30 percent more protein and is high in vitamin B6, zinc, and other vitamins and minerals. These are all crucial nutrients our bodies need to keep our immune systems running strong. I love that one sandwich can give me 30% of the magnesium I need in a day along with extra protein to keep me full and satisfied. I've seen a decrease in how much food my family craves throughout the day since I started making einkorn sourdough bread. We seem to thrive on this ancient bread. And here's another interesting finding - studies have found that ancient wheat decrease cell production relating to glucose and fat metabolism, and also help prevent or delay diabetes development while increasing digestion and nutrient absorption.

Spending days in my kitchen making this bread has been sheer joy. The first loaf I took from the oven almost made me cry, it was so beautiful. The flour is unlike regular flour in that it absorbs fats more slowly and is more sticky, but what a loaf of bread it can make! I remember one day when I was making a loaf of bread, I looked at the flour and felt like I was stepping back in time. This wheat is the original wheat and it had much to teach me. I love the flavor of the bread and the way it digests with ease and efficiency. You will too!

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Be mindful of the heat!

Hot SunAs you know, it's getting hot outside! All of our starter cultures are sensitive to temperatures over 100 degrees.

If you live in a hot area, we recommend that you don't order until temps are consistently in the 80s. However, if you can't wait, you have the option of purchasing insulated packaging and ice packs.

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If you do decide to order, we'll email you a tracking number once your order has shipped. Please use the tracking information to anticipate the arrival of your starter culture so it can be brought in out of the heat right away.

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This culture contains good bacteria, so please take care of it! Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • 🥵 Heat will kill your starter culture.
  • 🥶 Freezing temps won't kill the culture, but it might make them sluggish. They can usually revive without any issues.
  • I generally don't recommend ordering if temps are above 90° F. in your area, but you can purchase Insulated Packaging and Ice Packs as an option.

We'll e-mail you a tracking number when your order ships, and I highly recommend signing up for text alerts on the tracking page. Don't let your culture sit in a hot mailbox when it arrives!!!

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