Magnesium Snow

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Magnesium Snow is a natural mineral that possesses mild astringent, detoxifying properties. Topical magnesium is excellent in promoting oral health. Just combine a few drops of Magnesium Oil and add a pinch of Magnesium Snow and brush as usual. If you prefer a fresher taste, you can add toothpaste to a small jar with a lid until it is about half full. Then add 2-4 tsp of Magnesium snow to the toothpaste and add drops of Magnesium oil until it is the consistency you like. Then brush as usual for a cleaner, healthier mouth.

Magnesium Chloride is healing to the tissues and bones of the mouth and jaw. Magnesium is needed to pull calcium into the bones to keep them strong. Magnesium snow is a natural astringent and tightens gums. When they are used together, less plaque and tartar are produced, for a healthier mouth!

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