Sourdough Kit

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Bread Lame

$14.99 each

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Dough Scraper

$9.99 each

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Feeding Tracker Band & Thermometer

$6.99 each

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Silicone Jar Scraper

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Donna's Live Sourdough Culture

Donna's Live Einkorn Sourdough Starter

Description —Sourdough Kit

This is a great kit for making sourdough bread. You can even add in the sourdough starter. Just click the box above to choose the one you want.

What You Get

  • Classic French-style lame for slashing bread dough before baking.
  • Comes in a box with four razor blades to attach using the brass shield and screws.
  • Feeding Tracker Band —This Elastic band with the sticker and thermometer will mark the days of the week as an accurate indication of when you last fed your sourdough starter and the feeding level. It will also give you the temperature of your starter.
  • Stick on Thermometer for your jar to see how warm your starter is.
  • 5 stickers for jars to give a starting point for the tracker band.
  • Wooden handle sourdough scraper. This is a great tool that helps scrape flour and simplifies lifting and turning for rolled-out dough.
  • Silicone Jar Scraper is the perfect kitchen gadget suitable for scraping your dough out of the jar. It is also good for jars with deep containers like kefir, yogurt, jam, peanut butter, mayonnaise, and honey.

* Jar is not included