Donna’s Live WATER Kefir Crystals



After much thought and contemplation, I've decided to stop selling my water kefir crystals. I'm sorry if you have been looking forward to purchasing them, but there are several things that I took into consideration. Over the years I have noticed that they are just getting less and less consistent. They can be problematic for a lot of people and very temperamental when it comes to getting good results throughout the entire time you are using them. Even if people do everything correctly to take care of them, sometimes they still just like to cause problems. They can drive me crazy and so for those reasons and more, I'm removing them from my website.

This has caused me to look for a better alternative for myself and you. I still really love drinking fizzy probiotic drinks, and I'm super excited to announce that I have a brand-new product that the folks at Cutting Edge Cultures and I have been working on for the past year, and it's finally here. It's called "Kefir Soda Starter" and it's incredible! This soda starter contains beneficial bacteria strains and a good yeast (my favorite S. Boulardii) to help you make a fun bubbly drink, which is a great healthy replacement for regular soda pop. This works a lot better than water kefir, takes less time, is absolutely delicious, and has lots of health benefits. I'm super excited to be sharing it with you all first, and I hope that you'll consider giving it a try.

Happy Fermenting!