Silicone Jar Scraper

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Jar Spatula

This is a Silicone Jar Scraper with a Long Handle that is perfect for sourdough.

Silicone Rubber Jar Scraper is the perfect kitchen gadget suitable for scraping your dough out of the jar or is also good for Kefir, yogurt, jam/peanut butter/mayonnaise/honey from the jars or deep containers.

✅ These silicone jar spatulas are made of an integrated molding structure, which makes it impossible to hide any residues after use. It is dishwasher safe, or you can simply rinse it with water.

✅ This spatula will work from the bottom to the top so that you can enjoy every last drop of your empty jars. 

✅  Spatula is 10" long.

✅ You can also use it with your kefir, yogurt, or cultured vegetable jars to make sure you get all of the good probiotics out of the jar. 

* Jar not included