Stainless Steel Strainer

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This 3" fine single mesh strainer is perfect for straining kefir and kombucha!! The 3" round size of this strainer makes it perfect for smaller cooking or baking tasks, including dusting powdered sugar on baked goods and decorating pastries. The smaller size also allows you to strain ingredients over a more precise area so that there is less wasted product and less mess! It's also perfect for separating seeds from fruits for fruit -based sauces.

This strainer features a single layer of fine stainless steel mesh that easily strains clumpy ingredients for a more consistent food texture. It also has a convenient hook so you can hang the strainer on pots and pans. It features an ergonomic handle, and the entire strainer is easy to clean. Achieve better texture in your finished foods with the help of this 3" fine single mesh strainer!

  • Great for baking and garnishing tasks
  • Helps ensure a consistent food texture
  • Single layer of fine stainless steel mesh
  • Convenient pan hook
  • Ergonomic, long handle
  • 3" round diameter

Is metal ok?

When it comes to kefir, using a stainless steel strainer or spoon is actually okay. People panic when they hear they’re to never use a metal strainer or spoon. I have used a stainless steel strainer for years and years and it has worked great. Metal canning lids on jars are fine, too, as long as the kefir isn’t in constant contact with the metal. Using a metal spoon is okay – there is no need to worry. Kefir does not have the same kind of properties as kombucha and using metal to strain your kefir or eat your kefir is fine.

While metal is not an acceptable material to brew Kombucha Tea, stainless steel is fine because it is non-ferrous (no iron). So even though we tell people to avoid putting kombucha in contact with metal, this strainer is fine because it is stainless steel.