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Fermented Foods For The Holidays

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We All Need Cultured Foods

It's the holidays and we're all needing all the help we can get. One of the wonderful things about cultured probiotic foods is how fun it is to make them a part of your everyday life, and especially around the holidays. The good microbes contained in cultured foods consume sugars, and when you ingest them they help bring balance to the body. For instance, let's say you have them as a condiment at your holiday table, be it a glass of kombucha, a spoonful of cranberry kefir relish, or some cultured veggies such as Christmas Kraut. These foods will help you digest all the food you eat with them. They can keep you from overeating since they are so nutrient dense, and they also keep your blood sugar more balanced. We also seem to have lots of breads and desserts this time of year, but if you make them properly such as using sprouted flour or sourdough, you'll go a long way in assisting your digestive system and allowing your body to get more nutrients from those treats you eat. Plus, they're delicious and fun to make.

Make Them For Friends and Families

Our friends and families need cultured foods, too, but maybe they don't realize it. So many people are struggling with illnesses and the fear of becoming sick. They don't understand the miraculous vessel we live in. Our immune system is the great weapon we have against disease but many don't heed its call, and then symptoms come and we're plunged into figuring out what to do. It's not an easy thing to change, and usually people have to experience a crisis to actually change some of their habits. But I'm here to tell you it's not as hard as you think. The cells of your body want to be well, but they can't override the harmful habits that most people engage in every day. Here is what I do know - if they decide to change, even just a little bit, their body will help them. So here is my plan. Let's spread a little wellness by sharing some cultured Christmas gifts with people we love. It could make the world a better place as people get healthier. What if wellness was the norm and sickness was rare?

This is the year that the holidays are going to make you healthy. Let's add some probiotic foods to our meals and everything you eat with them will be digested easier, availing you of more nutrients as the powerful microbes assist you in everything you eat. These foods are fun to make and delicious. Make it a habit to consume one probiotic food with each holiday meal and watch how much better it makes you feel.


"If we are to have any hope for the future, those who have lanterns must pass them on to others."Plato

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