Making New Traditions

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

I love eggnog. It was an exciting day when we discovered how to make Easy Kefir with a little eggnog to give it festive flavors.

You just put a little eggnog  (get a good one from your health food store without additives) with milk into a jar with a package of Easy Kefir, let it ferment, and enjoy the wonderful taste of eggnog in your Easy Kefir throughout the holiday season.

I wouldn't recommend this with kefir grains since this might affect how they ferment on a regular basis. When you use Easy Kefir you're using powdered (flash-frozen) kefir grains.  So there are no worries about affecting grains long-term, because there are no grains in Easy Kefir.

One of the wonderful things about cultured probiotic foods is how fun it is to make them a part of your everyday life, and especially around the holidays. The good microbes contained in cultured foods consume sugars, and when you ingest them they help bring balance to the body. These foods will help you digest all the food you eat with them. They can keep you from overeating since they are so nutrient-dense, and they also keep your blood sugar more balanced. They also help prevent colds and flu. I just love them and appreciate how they work in my body when I need them to. I wish I could tell you how often I reach for these foods when I need extra help. Let's say you eat too much. Kefir will soothe the gut, help remove harmful pathogens, and calm your central nervous system. A glass loads you with extra vitamin B12, minerals such as zinc, and lots of vitamin C. These are just a few of the many nutrients you will receive. They will flood your gut with billions of helpers that know exactly what to do to help you stay healthy.

This will be a new family tradition throughout the holidays making Easy Kefir Eggnog. I am also giving you one of my favorite recipes for kefir that I love during the month of November and December when pomegranates are in season. You can also substitute yogurt for kefir or add them both as I do. Pomegranates feed those microbes in powerful ways so  eat pomegranates whenever you can!

🎄 Holiday Kefir Recipes 🫙

Eggnog Easy Kefir

Pomegranate Maple Kefir

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