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I am very thankful this year for the many new cultured yogurts that have entered my life. I've been eating kefir for over twenty-one years and never expected to have particular strains of yogurt make such a significant impact on me. Kefir has over 50 bacteria, but these new yogurts have a few strains not found in kefir (like L. Gasseri and Bifido and a different strain of L. Reuteri) and what a difference they have made. I still have kefir every day, but now I have yogurt too and for very good reasons. L. reuteri has helped my immune system improve, my mood and emotions are constantly better, and I feel so good. My hormones have improved too and I have great improvement in growing more muscle which keeps me young thanks to the testosterone boost from L. reuteri.

I have more energy from the species of good bacteria in Yogurt Plus. Bifidobacterium longum (the young bacteria) and L. delbrueckii subspecies bulgaricus, which keeps the pH in the small intestine too low for harmful bacteria growth to occur, are truly special microbes that have huge health benefits.

L. Gasseri yogurt has particularly unique benefits that can restore lost microbes due to antibiotics that should naturally abide in our digestive tracts and genital areas and can go after harmful bacteria to restore balance when things like SIBO and UTIs that can occur and disrupt the balance of the microbiome.

Missing Microbes

These special species are naturally designed to be in the human body but one dose of antibiotics and they're gone. In fact. 94% of the population is missing L. Gasseri and L. Reuteri and as we age most people have diminished species of Bifido so it's really important to restore these species and have a diverse and healthy microbiome.

I could go on and on about how much I love these yogurts: L. Reuteri, L. Gasseri, and Yogurt Plus but I think I will share a few new recipes I am making for the holidays and introduce you to my newest creation, Cultured Cream (or AKA probiotic sour cream) made with Yogurt Plus. You'll never buy sour cream again it's so good and easy to make.

The more I replace store-bought items with homemade probiotic foods, the better I feel and the better my gut health. It's been a pretty amazing journey understanding how to support the microbes in your gut, but one that has made all the difference for me, and I'm still learning. Those trillions of microbes that you are host to can be your best companions and teachers.

Probiotics contained in cultured foods consume sugars

🎄 Have a wonderful Holiday season and don't forget to add cultured foods. It can make all the difference during cold and flu season and with the excessive amounts of sugar, they can help with this too. The good microbes contained in cultured foods consume sugars, and when you ingest them they help bring balance to the body. For instance, let's say you have them as a condiment at your holiday table, be it a glass of kombucha, a spoonful of fermented cranberry relish, or some cultured cream dessert with probiotics. These foods will help you digest all the food you eat with them. They can keep you from overeating since they are so nutrient-dense, and they also keep your blood sugar more balanced. It's one of my secrets during the holidays. The more I have, the better I do. It's pretty amazing how much they support you. Check out my recipes! 🎄

Cultured Cream & Yogurt Recipes

Swiss Roll with Cultured Cream

Fermented Cranberries and Yogurt

Cultured Cream

Whipped Cultured Cream

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