Have you heard of the fermented probiotic drink called Rejuvelac? The first time I heard of it I was just beginning with all things fermented and this drink intrigued me. I was fermenting so many things and I wanted to try this drink that so many raved about. What is Rejuvelac? A drink made from cultured wheat berries or other grains, and even quinoa. Rejuvelac is high in vitamins B, C, and E, and enzymes. It tastes clean and fresh with a hint of lemon and I enjoy drinking it a lot.

This beverage was developed in the 1980s by health food guru Ann Wigmore and was, and is, extremely popular among raw foodists.

Does It Help With Alcoholism?


I was really intrigued by this drink because of an article that described how it helped a "bartender" named Eva Moen, a woman who has wrestled with alcoholism most of her life. She had tried to quit drinking for years, but at age 53 she still found herself hiding half-empty bottles of scotch around the house. A daily belt of wheatgrass juice helped her some. But it wasn't until she discovered Rejuvelac that she saw her cravings for alcohol completely disappear.

"Rejuvelac cured me of alcoholism," she states emphatically.

What's her theory? The Rejuvelac replaces valuable nutrients, she says. "Alcohol eats up B vitamins, and Rejuvelac has hundreds of B vitamins, plus enzymes to help with digestion." Moen also says Rejuvelac can help with weight loss, too. "Rejuvelac took away my desire for alcohol and solved my weight problem at the same time. The fat started to fall off in all the right places." You can read her incredible story by clicking here.

Cultured Food Life Journey

On this journey I've been on, which I affectionately named "My Cultured Food Life," certain fermented foods would begin to pop up on my radar screen and get my attention. I would hear about them or see them and begin making them myself. Rejuvelac was no exception, and when I first started drinking it I noticed something interesting. I stopped craving certain foods and I found myself not as hungry. It surprised me because, being a foodie, the next meal was something I lived for; but the more I drank this, the more satisfied I became with smaller meals. This is something I have noticed, too, while consuming cultured foods through the years - I don't eat as much. I can make a whole meal out of cultured foods and feel really satisfied. This last year has been extremely busy for me, and my life and business exploded. I found myself with little time to cook or make the meals I used to. Kefir, kombucha, fermented drinks, and cultured veggies are my lunch and breakfast almost every day, because it is fast and easy for me. What has happened has really surprised me. I need less sleep and went from 7 hours to 5 hours and it has been that way as long as I keep with this regimen.

Cultured Foods Are Predigested

It seems that I have discovered that digestion uses a huge amount of the body's energy. Cultured foods are predigested and when I eat them, I eat less in general; and then I need less sleep because my body has more energy since it's not using it up on digesting my food. I feel younger and also find myself thankful that with all I have to do, my own body has guided me, giving me more time in my day to do extra things and eat the foods I love. Try it for yourself. If you are allergic to wheat, you can make it with quinoa.  You make it the same way, just substitute the wheat berries for the quinoa. I also love einkorn berry rejuvelac. Einkorn berries don't have that protein that is responsible for most gluten allergies and I thrive on it. You can use any grains and many say rye is the best tasting, but I use what I have on hand. I love it, but it grows on you and becomes something you really look forward to. When it is done fermenting, you can sweeten it with a splash of lemon or orange juice and even a fresh piece of  ginger root and let it sit in the fridge and ferment a few more hours. It's delicious and refreshing and tastes better to me than sparkling water.

Is Rejuvelac Alcoholic?

It only produces small amounts of alcohol which is similar to the amount in orange juice and your own gut produces alcohol as a by-product of digestion. If you have a lot of inflammation in your gut because of undigested foods you would receive enormous help from drinking and eating cultured foods and the small amounts of alcohol produced is a non-issue, health-wise. It cannot make you inebriated. In fact, cultured foods will cause your body to produce less alcohol.

We need all the probiotics, vitamins (B, C, and E), and enzymes we can get. It's at the foundation of what our bodies need. Our body calls out for these missing nutrients in cravings and addictions and we are eating everything under the sun trying to get these nutrients. We no longer find them in abundance, as we should, in our foods today. Try it and see if you like it and if it helps you. You will know, your body will tell you.

It was the sweetest gift my body gave me this year, more time and energy to do the things I love.  I didn't see this one coming. Every day is a miracle to me.

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