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Have you heard of the fermented probiotic drink called Rejuvelac? The first time I heard of it I was just beginning with all things fermented and this drink intrigued me. I was fermenting so many things and I wanted to try this drink that so many raved about. What is Rejuvelac? A drink made from…(Read More)

I was a dental assistant in my twenties. This job fell into my lap. A very well known and successful dentist hired me because he wanted to train someone who knew nothing. He wanted to shape me by his own methods and not through a pre-programmed course. He taught me so much and I…(Read More)

Dates Stuffed With Goat Cheese Rolled in Orange Zest What to do at 10:00 on Friday night? Make Goat cheese! I got some raw goats milk on Thursday and Friday night after everyone was in bed and all was quiet, I decided to make goat cheese. Now  to someone else, Friday night is a…(Read More)

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