Emerald Cove – Organic Pacific Nori Silver Grade – 10 Piece(s)

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Emerald Cove Silver Grade Organic Pacific NoriEmerald Cove’s Silver Grade Organic Pacific Nori is an edible ocean plant. Not all seaweeds are weed! In fact, many of them are famed like land based vegetables. Emerald Cove’s Silver Grade Organic Pacific Nori “seaweeds” are actually edible sea vegetables which are “weeds” only in the same sense that sage and oregano are sometimes called “weeds.”Of the scores of kinds of seaweeds consumed around the world, nori is the overwhelming favorite. Nori was originally harvested by scraping if from stalks of bamboo that grew wild in shallow mudflats. In the 1700’s, Japanese nori harvesters began the first experiments with cultivation. Today more than 300,000 tons of fresh nori are harvested annually from farms in coastal Japan, Korea, and North China. Nets of woven rope are suspended below the surface of the ocean in quiet bays, and during the cold months of winter, the nori slowly grows to cover the entire net. In December, January and February, the nori is hand-harvested, washed and placed in farms to dry into paper-like sheets. This low temperature, slow drying is essential to retain the nutrients in Emerald Cove Nori.Emerald Cove Silver Grade Organic Pacific Nori has a fine, pliable texture, producing exceptionally smooth and delicious rolls of nori -maki sushi. Just briefly pass over a low flame to toast before using. You’ll marvel at the clean, sweet taste of this king of edible sea vegetables.

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