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This is my favorite way to make bread. The overnight ferment makes it more digestible, and by baking it in a pot the bread is steamed and rises beautifully. You're going to make this bread in the evening before bed, so make sure your sourdough starter is ready and bubbly. (See the first step in instructions for more help.) You will also need a few items that make a huge difference in the finished loaf. You will need a 5-Quart Dutch Oven - a roaster pan or deep casserole dish with a lid will work too. You'll also need a kitchen scale for measuring all ingredients. I found that my cup of flour and your cup of flour can vary greatly, and will affect the outcome. I promise you this bread will be worth it. You'll feel like you've accomplished something great and your next loaf will be a breeze!

Peppermint Sourdough Brownies


When choosing a chocolate bar, a higher “percent cacao” means less added sugar. For example, a 77 percent cacao dark chocolate has roughly 10 percent less sugar than a 60 percent cacao dark chocolate. It will also have a richer chocolate taste which really gives a lot of flavor to this brownie recipe. You can use different percentages and see how you like them.
My family loves these cookies. I would double or triple the recipe and freeze some to keep on hand. I love how super easy these are to throw together and how my family gobbles them up!

Sourdough Dumplings


These dumplings are wonderful on just about any type of stew. It's a great way to use up extra sourdough starter. You can spice them up with different herbs for extra flavor.
Make sure you have a good vigorous sourdough starter. Check out these links in the notes at the bottom of the page, to find a starter and how to keep it healthy.
This is the bread I make most often for my family. Four ingredients, 5 minutes of prep and overnight in the fridge. Then bake fresh in the morning or later in the day.
Allowing the bread to rise in the refrigerator allows the bread to continue to work slowly adding special bacteria to the bread and reducing the inhibitors that are so hard on the body. This also increasing nutrients to allow the bread to become more digestible.
This bread is great with a smear of refried beans, salsa, avocado, black olives, and pepper jack cheese. The options are unlimited.
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