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Shelley’s Cultured Veggies – The Original Recipe


Shelley’s Cultured Veggies - The Original Recipe
You don't have to add these special minerals and prebiotics in this recipe; if you don't include them, it will still taste great. Although it does give it a flavor that is irresistible! The microbes that ferment these veggies love minerals and prebiotics, and so does your body. They will make your veggies extra special when you add them. When microbes are happy, you can see it in the jar. I call it bubbles.~Donna
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  • 1package Cutting Edge Culturesor you can use 1/2 cup kefir whey
  • 1cup Waterto mix starter culture
  • 1head cabbagegreen or purple
  • 6whole carrots
  • 6 kale leaveschopped. Substitute spinach leaves
  • 1/2 white onion
  • 1/2 green apple
  • 1clove garlicminced (add more if you like garlic)
  • 1Tablespoon Celtic Sea Saltmakes veggies more crunchy
  • 2Tablespoons parsley flakesor chopped fresh parsley
  • 2Tablespoons Bragg Organic Sea Kelp Delight Seasoning
  • WaterFiltered or purified
Optional, but so delicious and extra good for you:
Servings: gallon
  1. If using the starter culture, stir together the culture and water. Let the mixture sit while you prepare the ingredients—around 10 minutes. If using kefir whey, add it when the recipe calls for culture.
  2. Shred the cabbage, carrots, onion, and green apple.
  3. Assemble veggies into a large bowl and add garlic, salt, and seasonings. (You may need a couple of bowls depending on how large of a batch you are making).
  4. Add optional ingredients now, Prebio Plus, OceanPlant Extract, Ancient Earth Minerals. *Twist open capsules, sprinkle contents on veggies and discard capsules. Toss to combine all the ingredients.
  5. Pack the shredded veggie mixture into a one gallon jar or the equivalent of four quart-size containers. You can use glass or ceramic containers that can be securely sealed.
  6. Add Cutting Edge Culture, or kefir whey, and cover with water, leaving an inch or two at the top.
  7. Seal the container and let it sit on your kitchen counter, out of direct sunlight, for 6 days. After 6 days, place the container in the refrigerator.
  8. Check the vegetables every day to make sure they are fully submerged in the water. If they have risen above the water, simply push them down so they are fully covered by the water. If any white spots formed because the veggies rose above the water, do not worry. Remember, this isn’t harmful. Just scoop out the vegetables that have the white spots on them and push the rest back under the water.
Recipe Notes

Storage note: This kraut can be kept in a covered airtight jar in the refrigerator for up to nine months.

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  1. Donna,
    My son has severe histamine intolerance and I’m wondering if you have experience with this? I have heard a 4 month ferment can help, is this true? Would a starter be better than wild fermentation?

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