Orange Beet Kvass

Beet kvass has an earthy flavor and I like a more tangy-sweet flavor. Adding an orange to this beet kvass accomplishes the task and gives this health-promoting drink a unique flavor combination. Beets are among one of the few vegetables that contain phytonutrients known as betalains, which have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. The natural probiotic good bacteria in beet kvass can support gut health and digestion It can also cleanse your liver and kidneys and much more. Check out this article!


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  • Peel and separate your orange and cut into 1-inch pieces. Place them in the jar. You can also add the peel if you have room in your jar.
  • Then place water, salt, starter culture, and cubed beets into the jar.
  • Seal the jar with an airlock or a tight-fitting lid, and allow the kvass to ferment for 5 days to 1 week, or until it tastes pleasantly sour. It ferments faster in warmer temps and slower in cool temps below 70°F.
  • Strain and serve immediately, or pour into bottles and store in the fridge up to 1 month.


If you notice a white substance floating on the surface, this is a harmless yeast called Kahm. Scrape it off and remove what you can. It can change the taste of the kvass if you leave it in. It usually stops once the beets are removed and the kvass is bottled and placed in the fridge.