Cultured Kefir Butter

This is a great way to use your cream from raw milk, or you can use regular heavy whipping cream. It will be one of the most delicious butters you've ever had. You can make this with kefir grains. It does get a little bit difficult to get the grains out of the cream, but it still can work.
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  • 4 cups cream raw, pasteurized, or ultra pasteurized will work
  • 1 sachet Easy Kefir use a fresh sachet when making butter

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  • Place cream and Easy Kefir sachet, in a quart jar with a lid. Let sit for 24 hours or until thickened and cultured.
  • Place the kefir cream in a food processor and turn on for 3 to 5 minutes. The butter will start to separate into butter and buttermilk. When you notice that happening, stop the processor and check to see if you see the butter in clumps.
  • Pour the contents of the food processor bowl into a bowl with a strainer using a rubber spatula to press as much buttermilk out of the butter as possible.
  • Pour ice-cold water over the butter in a small bowl. Then place it back in the strainer and use the spatula to squeeze out the last dregs of the buttermilk.
  • A paper towel also works great to squeeze out extra buttermilk. Save the buttermilk – it is good for cooking and drinking.
  • You can place the butter into a mold or form it into sticks or make a round ball. Place it in the refrigerator until you want to use it or you can also freeze it. It should last several weeks in the fridge.


Normal homemade butter will stay good for 3-5 days at room temperature, and about 7-10 days refrigerated. However, since this is fermented with kefir it will last a lot longer – over 2 weeks stored in the fridge. How long it will last depends on the age of your cream and how well you were able to rinse away the buttermilk.