Kefir french onion dip

Super bowl is coming up and we are going to some friends house to watch the game. I am always trying to think of something new to make for the game. It is mostly for my husband Ron that I get extra creative. Many think that because we eat pretty healthy, that we have always eaten like this. We are not super strict, even though we do eat really well most of the time. When we got married 27 years ago, my husband casually told me that he didn’t eat anything green. Taken back a bit, I realized that he did this because he had a very limited diet and was only eating a few foods that he really liked. So I made it my mission to little by little incorporate new foods into his diet, and show him how delicious it could be. He is such a wonderful man that there is little I wouldn’t do for him. He has filled my life with love, and every fermenting jug you could ever want or find.

My fermenting vessels


When I started fermenting things he was skeptical, and a little scared, but supportive. He has a way of finding things that I need without me ever telling him that I need them. Month by month he would come home with a new glass jug that I could use for fermenting. They were so unique it would make me squeal in delight. One year he went on eBay and found me milk jugs that had our last name on them. It is one of the reasons so many people contact me thinking that I have a dairy but it is really just a jug with my name on it.

Through the years Ron’s diet has change quite dramatically, eating greens and other wonderful foods. It is really fun to watch people start eating cultured foods. He started with kombucha and loved it and felt the difference it made in helping his eye sight. Kefir was something he started eating regularly as he began to notice that constipated was a thing of the past, if he had daily. Cultured veggies took me a little trial and era to find some he really enjoyed. He wouldn’t touch a pickle, or a cucumber of any kind. He would have terrible indigestion and burp it up all day. It was Shelley’s Cultured veggies, that he really liked (recipe in my book). He eats tons of these cultured veggies everyday. I can’t tell you how many times he will make a meal of these veggies with a bowl of sprouted corn chips. This was a huge step for him because I never coax him to eat them. He eats them because he likes them, and he realized how much they helped with feeling full, and satisfied and with boosting his immune system.

This onion dip is for my husband, because he has always loved onion dip. I couldn’t stand to buy the store-bought ones full of chemicals and preservatives. I made this dip today and asked him to tell me what he thought. He looked at me and said, “wow this one is a winner.” Then he wanted to eat the whole bowl, before I could get a picture of it. I am glad he is picky, it just made me more creative. It is fun to find things that he loves. He does this for me with every little glass jug he finds me, and a million other little things these last 27 years we have been together. Never under-estimate the power that food can have on a person. When you infuse it with love it is unbeatable.


Ron's Kefir Onion Dip
You can serve this dip with homemade potato chips. I cut thinly sliced potatoes and fry them in peanut oil till brown and crispy.
  1. Finely chop the onions.
  2. In a medium skillet melt butter over medium high heat. Add onion and cook till softened, about 5 to 7 minutes. Let cool till warm and not hot.
  3. Transfer onions to a food processor and add remaining ingredients. Pulse several times till onions and cheese are well combined and smooth.
  4. Cover and refrigerate for a couple hours or overnight until it firms up.
  5. You can top with poppy seeds or sesame seeds or dehydrated onions, if you like.


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