Root Beer Kombucha

This is such a wonderful healthier replacement for regular root beer.This may seem like a lot of sugar but it is an extract and you only use a small amount which the yeast and bacteria will eat to convert to co2. Remember the sugar is for the microbes to eat and not for you. So you get the taste of root beer without tons of sugar. Click on the words, “Root Beer Extract” to find the extract recipe.
Servings: 7 Bottles



  • 7 16 oz Bottle*See note below

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  • Pour 14 ounces of Kombucha in to each 16 ounce bottle.
  • You can strain the kombucha through a coffee filter and it will help you to not form another kombucha baby on top of your bottle, but it is not necessary.
  • Add 2 ounces of root beer extract to your bottle and clamp shut.
  • Leave a little room in the bottle but not much. I use a scale to measure the amount of juice I put in.
  • Label your bottles so you know when it started its second ferment. You can use more extract or less adjust according to the flavor you like.
  • Let your kombucha sit in a dark place for 1 to 3 weeks. Check after each week to see if you Kombucha is bubbly enough. If not let it ferment longer. Then place your bottles in the fridge to enjoy. Be careful when opening bottles. The warmer it is in your home the faster it ferments.


Make sure to use bottles that are for brewing. If you are using glass bottles you must beware because there may be flaws in the glass or the yeast might just go crazy and blow up your glass bottle!
You can use old synergy bottles but my favorite is clamp down bottles by Grolsch. You can also find bottles at home brew stores. The clamp down lids are safer and are thick glass for brewing.